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The politics of investigation inseparable to influence the masses

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada – The objective of political investigation and even opposition research is integral to ideology and overwhelming to influence, particularly those living and linked (socio-economic) to the political establishment five-year electoral cycle, is inseparable to influence the masses.

Saint Lucia is a peculiar case study in many ways, inseparable in a justice system of British colonial interpretation and that of an independent state guided by a constitution, ostensibly adjustable to the political class of colonialist attributes that govern the country.

In ‘trendy’ inextricable ways, the United Workers Party (UWP) recently called on Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip J Pierre, to carry out ‘certain investigations’ with regards to a so-called “Diplomatic Passports for Sale” – expecting to perform the miracle of Lazarus, to raise the dead. The other so-called investigation referenced an account termed “ministers account” at the National Lotteries during the last tenure of the SLP government, albeit the repository is a member of the ‘Kitchen’ cabinet.

Al Jazeera syndrome attempts to raise the dead in St Lucia

The UWP political apparatus and the government of Saint Lucia, two peas in a pod, attempted, to venerate transparency and accountability as a priority, even so, mired in forms of propaganda in a political model of Machiavellian, mascarade in “democracy” in the utopian plans of “Building a new Saint Lucia.” And even with an extended docket seemingly oblivious to corruption, matters of ethics, conflict of interest, insider trading, bribery … the new calls for investigation from the UWP government of Saint Lucia put outstanding issues centre stage once again.

On January 30, at a pubic vigil for Victor Maurice, former town clerk and Castries Constituency Council (CCC) councillor who passed away on January 28, 2020, in Martinique, two months after he was shot at his Balata residence in Saint Lucia – Mary Isaac, minister for health and wellness made a decisive revelation.

“ … Crime is big business in Saint Lucia and it is driven by people who are way up in the hierarchy of this country …”


Several members of the administration were also in attendance at Thursday's candlelight vigil. They have called for justice for Victor Maurice and have lamented the spate of violence in the country.

Posted by Choice TV on Friday, January 31, 2020

Incidentally, this reminds most of antithetical to the rule of law, receptive to corrupt governance, “It is a challenge to be honest in this country. I can tell you. I suffer it every day,” said Guy Joseph, minister for economic development, housing, urban renewal, transport and civil aviation, in a display of hubris in the parliament of Saint Lucia. Additionally, on a UWP  platform shared with the prime minister and other ‘Kitchen’ cabinet members, declared shamelessly that: “I don’t pay anyone to do crime for me, if I have to do crime, I do crime myself and I want them to know, I’m not afraid. I am not afraid of them.”

Still, the UWP government of Saint Lucia seemingly washed their hands and reckoned that they, “made clear commitment to good governance by providing governance training to all ministers, permanent secretaries and heads of department; passed landmark legislation to remove the statute of limitations on the recovery of public funds and assets to which the labor party walked out of in parliament.”

Conferring to Einstein, “The dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion.”

The prime minister of Saint Lucia repeated attempts to turn the masses into believing ‘deceptive investigation’ to influence the masses that “Change” and “Ching-Ching is an empowerment card” once again, has no socio-economic value and technological significance.

Thus, in this period of disunity and major sectarian insurgency, the reality is ultimately timeless, that the UWP statement referenced opposition leader Pierre’s – shared vision – that, “requires a nation working together under the leadership of a prime minister who is respectful of the people and institutions of our country. Additionally, “Under my leadership, the Saint Lucia Labour Party will work with you the citizens of Saint Lucia to reclaim Saint Lucia for Saint Lucians.”

“We shall restore hope and confidence in the competence and capacity of Saint Lucians so that together we can chart and control our own destiny. In charting a new path for the years ahead we cannot ignore the wrongs and injustices of the past. We shall, therefore, hold accountable all those responsible for acts of corruption and the misuse of public funds,” Pierre said. 

2020 heralds reflection, introspection towards a shared vision, says St Lucia opposition leader

On the substance of governance and lack thereof, opposition leader Pierre reminded the UWP, in a statement February 5, 2020, that they are in government, equipped with the apparatus of State, the majority vote in parliament and the Senate.

“The UWP is well aware, that I am in no position to investigate issues for which the prime minister has publicly declared in and out of parliament that, he is investigating. I await the outcome of these investigations,” Pierre said.

Meanwhile, Pierre requested that prime minister Chastanet reveal to the public the results of investigations promised, including:

Guy Joseph (Left) and Antonio Assenza
  • The public announcement by a former cabinet minister in the UWP government that he had been offered bribes by a sitting cabinet minister in exchange for his support for a preferred contractor in the HIA development project.

In hindsight, the disgraced former UWP minister, Ubaldus Raymond, publicly stated that, “If we have to go down that road, not one of the parliamentarians can stand. Not one who can stand. There are those who do their stuff and are doing their stuff, and they will never be caught. In fact, some of them have done criminal stuff . . . Those I referred to, know themselves.”

Then there is the Pajoah letter which appears the signature of a sitting member of the ‘Kitchen’ cabinet.

Opposition leader Pierre’s statement also documented, the accusation that a member of the ‘Kitchen’ cabinet, has significant knowledge of a kidnapping” and the public obscene outburst and threatening actions of the same at a restaurant.

In the context of inept leadership in healthcare, “the revelation by a member of cabinet in the presence of the prime minister that individuals in high places were involved in murder for hire,” is cause for concern as previously highlighted, the ‘criminal neglect’, ‘unpardonable’ defines healthcare in Saint Lucia, also notes the “verifiable reasons for the demolition of the two buildings on the St Jude hospital complex.”

‘Criminal neglect’, ‘unpardonable’ defines healthcare in St Lucia

Opposition leader Pierre’s statement likewise examined (former) chairman of the National Housing Corporation and his business entities in the construction work now being undertaken at St Jude hospital complex.

“The allegation of mismanagement and improper use of funds by the workers and their union representative at the National Housing Corporation” and “the reasons surrounding the resignation, dismissal and/or absence of Timothy Mangal as chairman of the National Housing Corporation.

“These matters individually and collectively are of grave concern to the people of Saint Lucia,” Pierre observed, while putting the prime minister on notice to “formally write and inquire on the status of these investigations and allegations.”

Of relevance to history, “that we do not get the usual response” Pierre challenged the prime minister to an affirmative response mindful of “the usual response of promising to investigate and then nothing happens.”

“The reality is we all know that nothing will happen. There may be the talk of an investigation, but we all know that – this talk is absolutely shallow and a sham. That I can safely say without hesitation because that has been what we’ve been told in the past,” Pierre said.

Leaning to the SLP policy on legal and judicial matters, Pierre reiterated that, “ On taking office after the next election one of the first of many issues the SLP will tackle is enacting legislation to stamp out corruption in public office. No longer will political office be a means to become rich at the expense of our people” he said. “Corruption is the cancer that eats away at our progress as a nation and as a people. When we allow corruption to flourish it makes us a people all the more poorer. This is my promise and I will get it done,” he insisted.




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