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The politics of investigation in St Lucia

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Conferring to Einstein, “The dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion.”

Al Jazeera syndrome attempts to raise the dead in St Lucia


“The UWP is well aware, that I am in no position to investigate issues for which the prime minister has publicly declared in and out of parliament that, he is investigating. I await the outcome of these investigations,” Philip Pierre said.

The public announcement by a former cabinet minister in the UWP government that he had been offered bribes by a sitting cabinet minister in exchange for his support for a preferred contractor in the HIA development project.

In hindsight, former disgraced UWP minister Raymond, publicly stated that “not one of the parliamentarians can stand. Not one who can stand. There are those who do their stuff and are doing their stuff, and they will never be caught …”

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