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The obfuscation of PM Castanet’s panhandle philosophy: ‘Five for Five’

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada – At another United Workers Party (UWP) Flambeau Virtual presentation Sunday evening, prime minister Allen Chastanet relapsed in a most condescending and disdain manner his panhandler philosophy: knowing that his much-publicized and questionable scheduled sittings of the House of Assembly June 8, 15, 22, 29 did not materialize as planned, and has thus edged in history a shameful episode of four conservative sittings of parliament postponement inconstant with a degraded Chastanet-led administration.

“Dear Honourable Members

“I am directed by the Honourable Speaker of the House of Assembly to give notice that the Sitting of the House of Assembly originally scheduled for Tuesday, June 29, 2021, has been postponed. Mr Speaker apologized for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind Regards, 

Clerk of Parliament

Parliament of Saint Lucia”

Panhandler philosophy

Unsurprising prime minister Chastanet espoused his values; and based on his denigrated physiology, proffered his revised panhandler (mendicant) philosophy; and what he perceives is worthy of Saint Lucians, heading into a general election. But there is the understanding that “you can fool some of the mendicants some of the time; but not all of the time; because they are not jackasses” – even in the midst of EC$200 concealed and distributed in yellow campaign t-shirts over the weekend.

According to the prime ministers’ solicitation of a mandate, he said: “This election is about our future, and you have a choice to make,” he added. “We’ve started a journey. Come and join the Flambeau Train. Give me your hand and I will deliver these five for your future to take this country to the next level.”

In the prevalence of dumbness, Chastanet says: “All we’re asking is to finish the job we started in 2016 – so let’s keep working.”

In 2016 the UWP offered ‘Five to Stay Alive’; notwithstanding the administrations claim that “ We promised and we delivered” – the evidence is vivid in the lives of Saint Lucians.

St Lucia’s vulnerability

In simple terms a regional consultant explained in the article – “St Lucia’s vulnerability a growing concern” dated September 19, 2016, reads: “Consider the fiscal playbook thus far, on which the Chastanet administration’s tax and revenue policy, debts and deficits are based, promising sweet relief – “Five to Stay Alive”. Clearly, that represents a phony breed of manipulation that will not accomplish sustainable gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, but actually exacerbate the lack of available fiscal options and thus serve to recycle poverty.”

Moreover, considering the ongoing utterances of little validity, in the public domain – perhaps the attention to non-political gimmicks in a letter to Caribbean News Global (CNG) “ Value Added Tax reduction: A cruel trick on the people of St Lucia” – would realize “a hoax that caught Saint Lucians hook, line and sinker.”

Prime minister Chastanet’s litmus test on credibility should be highly implausibly to the least of the 43 percenters in the application of common sense. For that reason, ‘Five for Five’ are basic elements a well-constituted local government provides to its constituents, from the standpoint of human decency and acceptable norms of civil society, in the advancement of ecological balance, and the pursuit of equity,  and societal sustainability.

However, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chastanet administration continues to disregarded employment benefits, support for small business, and exceptional mechanisms for the poor and vulnerable. In turn, the UWP administration elected to disrupt and marginalize the population in concert with its ethos of discrimination, ‘political espionage’, economic treason‘, and adventures of “Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves”.

On the other hand, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) practical approach to guide the sustainability of the country, “announced a seven-point action plan to confront COVID-19, and rescue the country” In the normal process, the prime minister ignored common-sense recommendations.

A gifted storyteller

There is no prudence in understanding the competence of a gifted storyteller. Prime minister Chastanet latest promotion – “Five for Five”, is tantamount to a gifted storyteller with the craft and offerings of a rum-shop promotion.

Prime minister Chastanet’s “Five for Five” national commitments for the next five years is completely “condescending of a national policy” and “ goes deep into the thought process, physiology and values, that the UWP administration considers of a people, post, adult suffrage, colonial rule and post-independence.

The Chastanet-led administration, advisors and supports of “Five to Stay Alive” and “Five for Five” low-grade policy is shameful, cruel and unpardonable, even after defeat in the ballot box.

A commentor to the article “It’s my prerogative’ shouts PM Chastanet” wrote “I predicted in 2017 Lucians will have to force Allen Chastanet to “swim to Martinique without a life jacket”.

Perhaps a “ Ti Punch” cocktail would be welcoming – “Five for Five”!



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