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The legacy of Ontario’s Black leaders

TORONTO, Ontario — Premier Doug Ford issued the following statement reflecting on the legacy of Ontario’s Black leaders and community builders during Black History Month:

“February is Black History Month. We take this opportunity to celebrate Black culture and mark the many contributions made by Black Ontarians and Black Canadians to our province and to our country throughout history.

Black History Month takes on even greater meaning with the events of the past year. It strengthens our resolve and our commitment to fight racial discrimination and intolerance in all its forms. By shining a light on the injustices committed against the Black community, both past and present, we can begin to heal wounds, promote intercultural understanding, and ultimately build bridges between communities.

Building a more just and inclusive province starts with investing in the next generation of Black leaders and professionals. That’s why our government is actively working to remove social and economic barriers to success for Black youth by establishing the Premier’s Council of Equality of Opportunity, doubling our investment in the Black Youth Action Plan, and addressing racism and inequity in the classroom through our Education Equity Strategy. By empowering Black youth, we can ensure they play a prominent role in shaping a better future for our province.

“I encourage all Ontarians to take a moment and participate in the many virtual events available to celebrate Black History Month. They will allow us to learn more about the important role Ontarians and Canadians of African descent have played in the history of our great province.”



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