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The Futurum Group Inks Deal With Cybersecurity Mogul Shira Rubinoff to Serve as President of Newly Launched Cyber Practice

  • Dubbed ‘Cybersphere’, the new practice will integrate Ms. Rubinoff’s multi-million dollar assets including podcasts, speakerships, advisory and literature
  • Servicing hundreds of clients, Shira Rubinoff is an awarded thought leader, advisor and recognized women-in-tech leader by numerous associations
  • Cybersphere will offer market intelligence, lab testing, advisory and unique CISO advisory board access

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Futurum Group, a leading global technology advisory, media, and research firm, today announced the acquisition and merger of the Shira Rubinoff cybersecurity brand assets into its organization. As part of the strategic venture, The Futurum Group has launched a cybersecurity practice, ‘Cybersphere’, which Shira Rubinoff will serve as its President. The acquisition, closed for an undisclosed amount, will include a library of Ms. Rubinoff’s assets that she will continue to manage under the Futurum Group brand name. Assets include video series, one-on-one interview shows, on-stage speakerships, advisory roles and consulting activities.

Rubinoff, an expert in the human factors of information technology and security is the author of “Cyber Minds’ (2020). She serves on numerous Advisory Boards including Pace University, The Executive Women’s Forum for Information Security; Leading Women in Technology as well as additional technology companies.

Serving as President of The Futurum Group’s Cybersphere, Rubinoff will develop advanced market intelligence, create content featuring industry thought leaders, and spearhead the firm’s initiatives at leading industry events such as RSA, DefCon, InfoSec and others.

“The world we live in faces more vulnerability, risks, and threats than ever before. It doesn’t just stem from a rise of malicious terror groups or states, but also the simple advent of innovation alongside attempts of exploitation. Our centrality at the core of technology and intelligence has compelled us to take a bold step in bolstering the cyber research and advisory offerings,” said Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group. “The integration of Shira Rubinoff’s platform built over the years will allow us to serve the market with more cutting edge data, advanced strategic advisory, and an enhanced platform for them to showcase their leadership. Shira’s reputation is unparalleled in the cyber arena,” he added.

The new President of Cybersphere, Shira Rubinoff, further elaborated on the firm’s value proposition for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs): “The CISO role has transformed immensely in the past few years. I’ve come to work closely with hundreds of these individuals from all over the world. The new CISO is under tremendous pressure from leadership, regulators, and constant cyber threats. At The Futurum Group, we will form a CISO-only board with access to the critical tools they need to understand and cope with near- and long-term vulnerabilities. I am excited to join The Futurum Group in servicing the world’s most prolific tech and cyber companies.”

For more information on Cybersphere please visit: https://futurumgroup.com/practice-areas/cybersecurity/

About The Futurum Group

The Futurum Group is the fastest growing independent tech research, intelligence, media, and advisory firm. Its continued growth is driven by emerging technologies and innovation across its clientele of more than 260 global companies. Futurum covers twelve major technology sectors: AI & data analytics, cloud, telecom, policy, consumer electronics, enterprise applications, security, semiconductors, workplace collaboration, sustainability, and CX. In 2023 it acquired half a dozen companies in areas of research, intelligence, media, and performance testing and validation.

About Shira Rubinoff

Shira Rubinoff is a recognized Cybersecurity executive, cybersecurity advisor, global keynote speaker, influencer and author, who has built two Cybersecurity product companies, and both incepted and led multiple Women-in-Technology initiatives.

She has previously served as President of the NYC-based technology incubator, Prime Tech Partners and the social-media-security firm, SecureMySocial. She serves on the Boards of Pace University Cybersecurity Programme, The Executive Women’s Forum for Information Security, Leading Women in Technology, the Capri Ventures, Memcyco and many other leading technology and security companies.

Shira has published many articles, and lectures, on topics related to the human factors of cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and related topics, and holds several patents/patents-pending in areas related to the application of psychology to improve information technology and Cybersecurity.

Shira was awarded as “New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business”; “Woman of Influence” by CSO Magazine; “One to Watch” by CSO and the EWF; “Outstanding Woman in Infosec” by the CyberHub Summit; One to Watch in IT Security by SC Media and Top Female Cybersecurity Influencer on Social Media.