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The book of Joshua and King

 Dear Sir

I am writing to you, cautious of my Sunday rituals and having read Winhall Joshhua Facebook post about – the so-called ‘sustained onslaught against Stephenson King has reflected a level of viciousness that has hardly been seen in the politics of our country before.’

My immediate reaction was that of hypocrisy and pretenders, a complete exposition of the state of sage that King has become. With amazement, I can recall the many memes – political overtones, headlines and diatribes that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) directed at Stephenson King. Recent memory and literature are replete with chapter and verse.

Today, I was taken aback on my way to church in preparation for Lent, February 14, Ash Wednesday and indeed Valentines’ Day, which may very well be appropriate to Joshhua and King, two hearts beating as one in the politics of Labour.

While it is not a bad practice to sing for one’s supper, in the basic understanding of Joshhua’s message to King, there is the understanding of King playing the ass – while Lucian taxpayers are fed-up with his chicanery and laziness.

King’s ability is front and centre as a former prime minister and current member of parliament. And now, more than ever, his dullness, uselessness and pothole ability are profound concerning Saint Lucia’s roads. His political crossover to the SLP and the deals that were made, leading up to the 2021 general election, will soon be told.

But first. It is the constitutional right of citizens to complain and critique their member of parliament, whenever they deem it appropriate. This includes the prime minister and leadership of political parties.

So, while Joshhua may have an issue with the current criticism of King – in Labour – his abdomen should gain some strength. Because, it is justified and righteous as compared to those levelled and sanctioned by the Labour party – before King was baptised and crowned King Labour, and his mortal and original sins forgiven.

Sahih al-Bukhari 33, Sahih Muslim 59, says, “Among the signs of a hypocrite are three, even if he fasts and prays and claims to be a Muslim: when he speaks, he lies; when he gives a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted with an amana, he betrays.”

Who is this emblematic of in the politics of Saint Lucia?

I will not digress into a Sunday homily, as it is Super Bowl Sunday. The eats and drinks are Swift to the Chief’s in Red. But I have to direct my attention to the real book of Joshua and King.

The book of Joshua points to the importance of covenant obedience and shows us God’s faithfulness in covenant with the Israelites to bring them into the land he promised to Abraham. It celebrates God as general, defender, and king.

The message of the book of Kings signifies that the destruction and exile did not signify a conclusion, nor did they end the relationship between the people and God.

Likewise, what does the Bible say about pretenders? 2 Timothy 3:13 NIRV – Evil people and pretenders will go from bad to worse. They will fool others, and others will fool them.

Who is this emblematic of in the politics of Saint Lucia?

This brings me to the spirit of hypocrisy, about anyone who operates by pretence and puts on a false front. And even worse, religious hypocrisy – spiritual play-acting for selfish gain.

The hypocrite is excluded from the vision of God, according to Job 13:16: “No hypocrite will come into His sight”. It, further, doubly shabby, faking commitment to God to gain power or money or people’s adulation.

Consequently, hypocrisy is always a mortal sin! And, it is not difficult to identify the objective of those who are reliable actors – religious and political – serving as eyewitnesses with discernments of hypocrisy.

Matthew 23: Verse 27, says: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.” It is a sin to be a hypocrite!

In the new Saint Lucian book of Joshhua and King, parts of which are not published can draw from the attributes of hypocrisy and deflection to avoid dealing with the social and political problems, even when it directly affects the complainants. Resulting from the strong desire to be loved and accepted – in misery.

One cannot leave out the use of reverse political science to doublethink and cognitive dissonance, again to avoid facing reality – speaking truth to power! Except those who, may we meet upon the level, and part upon the square.

While there is still hope and a way out, the detailed account of the reigns of Joshhua, King, and the TRIX-City of political governance in Saint Lucia and the source from which their powers are drawn – the enablers are everything wrong with our politics today.

Lent is a period of fasting and regret for one’s sins. A reminder to check our pulse for damages and to reclaim our identity.

According to Joshhua, “It is important, therefore that all clear-thinking St Lucians continue to pray for … prime minister so that he will not allow himself to be deflected, by all the negativity around us, from the abundance of good work he is doing.”

It is written that no amount of prayer without fasting, deliverance, shedding dead weight and returning unjust gains will see the light of intelligence, imagination, moral decision making and spiritual awakening.

It is necessary to accept that the politics of partisan agreeableness have destroyed thinkers and reputations. Therefore, as witnessed, the measure of emptiness and the lack of power to transform Saint Lucia.


Monica Fevrier



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