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Taiwan: A global contributor that needs to be recognized

By Ray Chang

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization founded on the principle of universality, bringing together the international community through peace, security, and cooperation.

In 2015, the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) gathering 17 objectives to create a more sustainable future. However, the United Nations continues to overlook Taiwan’s contribution to the international community by not recognizing its global achievements.

Currently, Taiwan is unable to participate in the United Nations meetings, activities, and international plans towards a better tomorrow.

Taiwan has been able to alleviate poverty and hunger, reduce the percentage of low-income households to under two percent, and has one of the highest literacy rates standing at 99 percent.

Taiwan has also initiated numerous international programs in the Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These programs aim to help countries in these regions to achieve sustainable agriculture and receive vocational training, clean energy, medical service, disaster relief, and overall help improve these countries’ livelihoods.

With the previous records of Taiwan’s astonishing efforts in supporting the international community, I strongly urge the United Nations to acknowledge Taiwan’s effort and allow Taiwan to join as a member of the United Nations.

I believe Taiwan’s technology in medical, semiconductor, and agriculture will assist the United Nations in achieving its’ principles and mission for a better global future.

Ray Chang, Board Chairman for Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay, Florida.



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