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St Lucia’s new prime minister to led rescue mission

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada – Philip Joseph Pierre, on Wednesday afternoon, took the oath of allegiance and the oath of office, as the 8th prime minister of Saint Lucia, following the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) general elections victory Monday, July 26, stated: “the country needed to be rescued from the abyss into which it was plunging. The majority of you accepted my offer to lead the rescue mission.”

Prime minister Pierre is well-regarded as “the people’s prime minister” derived from his aptitude to humanity, mannerism and professionalism. He is also the best presented and most prepared in the history of Saint Lucia to be prime minister, serving in the parliament of Saint Lucia, and the constituents of Castries East, uninterrupted from 1997.

Delivering his inaugural address Monday, prime minister Pierre, said: “In the coming days, I shall be announcing my Cabinet of ministers to manage the affairs of the country. I ask all those serving on the Boards and Statutory Bodies to prepare reports on their tenure so that there can be a smooth transition,” Pierre added. “I ask for your patience, in the coming weeks and months, as we try to assess the state of the country’s finances and capacity to deliver, as early as possible, the commitment made to the people of Saint Lucia.”

SLP wins landslide general elections in St Lucia  

Many have demonstrated, that a new day dawned on Saint Lucia, Monday, July 26, representing a new beginning from the doldrums of corruption, nepotism, ineptitude, mockery and rejection, of a previously proud country, now reeling from the impact of COVID-19 and a now rejected government of maladministration, that represented ill-defined intentions.

In prime minister Pierre’s inaugural address he noted “you went out and peaceably registered your voice, not only in support for me and the Saint Lucia Labour Party but against the things you thought were wrong about the direction we were heading.”

It is expected that Saint Lucians can look to a new era of respectability, liberality, a clear vision, and governance of transparency and accountability.

In Saint Lucia, the diaspora and the international community, much is expected for a Pierre -led administration. Healthcare, national security, education, housing/infrastructure, economic revitalization and the social well-being of the people are key elements that require immediate allocation of personnel and financing. However, the immediate expectation of the people deprived for much too long requires – honest interpretation of the facts, communication, and redress.

“I reaffirm my pledge to #Putting You First,” said prime minister Pierre, “together our island will prosper,” exalting; Saint Lucia, we cannot fail. I will not fail you. I thank you for the opportunity to serve. I won’t do it alone, I will seek the counsel of the wise, and if you stand firm with me, together we shall not fail.”

St Lucia has a new prime minister: Philip J Pierre – #Putting you First



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