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St Lucia’s killing fields continues


 Schools closed in Vieux – Fort

  • District 5 Track Meet 2023 -– Postponed
  • Police operation ongoing
  • The town of Vieux – Fort up in arms

By Caribbean News Global contributor

VIEUX FORT, St Lucia – If the homicides that coined bloody independence celebrations in Saint Lucia on February 22, 2023, were not a call to action by the helpless security forces and government personnel, the killing fields continued Thursday, February 9, in Vieux Fort with four homicides within one hour.

It is uncontested that the homicides are the results of gang violence, the attributes of the drug trade, and the underground economy.

The sad state of affairs continues unabated with a lacklustre, lazy and clueless national security apparatus.

The designation is manifested as “schools in Vieux Fort town to remain closed today Friday, March 10, 0223,” said the ministry of education, sustainable development, innovation, science, technology and vocational training.

For the first time in the history of Saint Lucia, the government announcement was specific to conceding that “due to the current unstable environment in Vieux Fort, and after consultation with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, (RSLPF) the following schools will be closed today Friday 10 March 2023: Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary, Beanefield Post Secondary, Vieux Fort Primary, Vieux Infant and Vieux Fort Special Education Center.”

Additionally, the ministry advised parents/guardians to make all necessary arrangements to keep themselves and their children/wards safe during this period.

The southern corridor of the island was further impacted Friday as the “ District 5 Track meet 2023” was postponed!

Vieux – Fort is economically deprived and represented politically since 1997 by former prime minister Kenny Anthony.

The far-sightedness of the constitutional lawyer previously noted: “There will be no peace in Vieux Fort South. [ …] ” ~ Kenny D Anthony.

Vieux-Fort South: A case study in lawlessness

November 2021, he said: “Beyond a doubt, the situation in Vieux-Fort Town is unacceptable and requires decisive action by all concerned.

“As parliamentary representative for Vieux-Fort South, I strongly condemn the acts of violence and the blatant disregard for the laws of Saint Lucia and the lives of our citizens. Saturday evening, an innocent lady was struck by a stray bullet while she was in the comfort of her home. Of late, too many Vieux-Fortians have either been killed or injured through gun violence. The police must spare no effort in tracing those responsible for these shootings and everything must be done to bring them to justice. I call on all Vieux-Fortians to play their part by cooperating with law enforcement agencies.”

“It is clear that there can be no solution until the gangs are disarmed and for that, we need the support of the entire community. As I have done in the past, I urge those responsible for the gang warfare that is crippling our community to stop the senseless killings. Your actions are destroying your own lives and terrorizing our beautiful community. Put down the guns and let us commit ourselves to repairing the damage that has already been done so that we may save lives and restore the reputation of Vieux-Fort South,” Kenny D Anthony said.

Meanwhile, the perennial problem in Vieux Fort continues unabated, albeit, the rationale for indecision, pronouncements and risk factors – the question remains – what’s next.

Will the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) be closed temporarily? Is a lockdown of Vieux- Fort eminent, in the thrills of gang violence, multiple homicides, pathetic law enforcement and impracticable policymakers.



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