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St Lucia’s CCJ accession ‘largely positive’ says committee report

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Inclusive of surprising emails received Sunday morning – subject: ‘St Lucia (CCJ) Accession Committee’ – (the first of its kind) – it is apparent that #CNG’s editorial St Lucia’s accession to CCJ – The politics of miseducation electrified its target.

St Lucia’s accession to CCJ – The politics of miseducation

In a March 4, 2023, update (emailed Sunday, March 5, 2023 it is interesting that work is active) St Lucia (CCJ) accession committee, said:

So far public feedback has been largely positive. Engagement largely revolves around whether a referendum is necessary; concerns about political interference in the selection of judges and outcome of cases; and financial cost of the appellate jurisdiction to Saint Lucia.

It is important to note that St Lucia (CCJ) accession committee messaged this following March 4, 2023, Town Hall meeting in Soufriere. And two days after, ‘the amendment was secured by the 13 government members present in the 15-2 parliament.’

The St Lucia (CCJ) accession committee update, continued:

“The communications campaign endeavours to keep the focus on the benefits of having the CCJ as our apex court in the hands of people who understand our culture and mores; the value of CCJ membership as a consolidation of our independence; how CCJ judges are appointed; and how the CCJ is funded to remove any perception of political interference.”

It is apparent that the ‘rollout of the communication and public information programme formally commenced 15 September 2022, gave an appraisal of their exertion.

Consequently, the contrived ‘gotcha’ moment (did not work) but the continuation to erode public trust is palpable. Thus, the politics of miseducation further modulates the conversations that have now become – taboo – after the fact – following the second reading in parliament to amend the Constitution of Saint Lucia, Cap, 1.01 “the Act” to modify provisions that allow for appeals to Her Majesty in Council and to provide for appeals to the Caribbean Court of Justice.”

Intuitively, the CCJ committee messaging has not unoccupied “public information and education program leading to the delinking of Saint Lucia from the Privy Council and acceding to the jurisdiction of the CCJ as its final appellate court,” albeit, the power of state media, narrating the political cart, instead of good public policy and legislation that reflects public good.

“By mid-March 2022, the accession committee had approved a “proposed communication campaign and budget to support Saint Lucia’s proposed accession. It comprised TV Media Interventions (news, radio and discussions, talk shows, etc.); town hall meetings; public service announcements; social media campaigns; press releases; and collaboration with the GIS/NTN.”

Unconvincingly, St Lucia CCJ accession committee, 4 March 2023, update, recited:

“From day one, the importance of conventional and social media to this journey of accession was well emphasized. Realizing that a public communications campaign needed to be executed as early and as professionally as possible, the committee set about developing a communication marketing plan.”

The auxiliary of this shadows the relevance of an information sheet, that seeks to provide updates via email (Sunday)some relevant CCJ presentations, video links, judgments and articles,”  after the fact – “post factum.”

St Lucia CCJ accession committee, however, advised:

To date, we have held two press briefings to update the media – the second held on 31 January 2023, at Government Information Services (GIS) studios.

On February 11, we held the first in a series of Town Hall meetings. The venue was the Vieux Fort Primary School, where the audience engaged the committee in discussion on the process of accession.

“Soufriere was the venue on 4 March 2023, of the second Town Hall meeting. The series continues in Gros Islet on Saturday, 11 March, at the Human Resource Centre, and then to Castries City Hall on Saturday 25 March.”

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If there was any doubt about #CNG’s editorial to the scrutiny that “indelibly, the consequence is abstract,” consider the alternative that “masquerade the betterment of the ordinary people.”

This phase of the public communication programme will take us up to March 31, 2023, by which point we will reflect and evaluate to determine, largely on public engagement and feedback, how we proceed further,” St Lucia CCJ accession committee, March 4, 2023, advised.

As previously demonstrated; the conversations, town hall meetings, public posturing and the actions of parliament regarding St Lucia’s accession to CCJ – remains relatively “post factum” – to the relevance of now.



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