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St Lucians have complete confidence in the current government

Dear Sir

I note the article St Lucia faces economic collapse amid extensive borrowing provoked a few “Neurotypical”  persons – a newer term that’s used to describe individuals of typical developmental, intellectual, and cognitive abilities. One neurotype was unable to respond to the facts and truth, yet claimed, that the article is badly written. Another with a social media handle ‘Proud St.Lucian’ aka Sylvia much in keeping with a government propagandist also wrote a comment that derived the title; “St Lucians have complete confidence in the current government and are not fooled by the mishievous propaganda of the labour party.”

Joseph George said,” These SLP operatives are focused on spreading lies and propaganda to fool and scare voters. Prophets of gloom and doom. Sad day in politics ‘Jenny’ said, “All in the name of power and politics we cook up such a headline. As a young St Lucian, this is a very disappointing representation of what passes for journalism in his country. What an embarrassment of a story. How does this writer sleep at night?”

St Lucia faces economic collapse amid extensive borrowing

Sylvia’s comment said: “As usual another one-sided commentary from the St Lucia labour party that is replete with lies and innuendoes. St Lucia performed creditably till the pandemic COVID-19 affected the entire world a comparison that is worse than the world depression. On the global chain, St Lucia is number five internationally in the best handling of the Coronavirus. Today the government of the United Workers Party (UWP) are investing into infrastructure of the roads, airport, schools and investing into a new hospital as the economy is starting to jumpstart the social aspects of the entire population has also been carefully funded. St Lucians have complete confidence in the current government and are not fooled by the mishievous propaganda of the labour party.”

In earnest, Sylvia should get an understanding between a commentary vs. a news article complete with truth, facts and direct quotes. I understand that it may be difficult for Sylvia and her cabal to comprehend much of the written word and the need to defend the indefensible and inept UWP government.

In so doing, perhaps, it would be of value if Sylvia challenged the article with a factual rebuttal, and to carefully review the comment posted under the article.

For review, ‘Desibird’ comment said: “I have been around politics long enough to know that St Lucia should be thankful it’s still existing today after what we have been fed over the past four years. I have admired Sir John for astute leadership, fiscal prudence and management, people like Eugenia Charles, James Mitchel, etc. Today you want to give me Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet and tell me to look for good governance. Can’t we see that this is a recipe for disaster? All the evidence was there that we should never go down that road in 2016, but we still did, because it looks like it rained on our brain and now there is a serious drain. God help us. It is a borrow and give away and a fill pocket for family, friends and foreigners (FFF) like there’s no tomorrow. What kind of thing is that St Lucia.”

‘Proud St.Lucian’ aka Sylvia atypical pattern of thought is consistent with “neurotypical individuals” often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one or the only correct one.

This implies, that the acceptance of the social and economic conditions according to ‘Proud St.Lucian’ aka Sylvia that, “St Lucians have complete confidence in the current government” is the acceptance of ineptitude and the sophistry of untruths that obtains to brainwash ‘Proud St.Lucian’ aka Sylvia;Joseph George and Sad day in politics ‘Jenny’ – the freely chosen.


Monica Fevrier




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