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St Lucia: Statement from Dr Alphonsus St Rose


EXCLUSIVE to Caribbean News Global (CNG)

By Dr Alphonsus St Rose

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Let me preface my remarks by saying, I was brought into this election race under the umbrella of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to help secure the removal of an unconscionable administration and provide a level of service through quality representation to the citizens of this country. The “process of candidate selection” (with which many of my constituents as well as myself still have an issue) did not lead to my selection. My non-selection however, has in no way diminished or tempered these objectives.

I must acknowledge how proud I am of my Independent Campaign Team and the tremendous support I have received from constituents of the Choiseul/ Saltibus constituency. We ran a very good campaign and undoubtedly did the right thing in articulating our core point(s). Together, we made progress. So, I thank the constituents for being willing to stand up for what is right and principled.

I must also express my sincere appreciation to the citizens of Saint Lucia generally, who encouraged me on a daily basis to continue in my efforts, as they expressed concern about the direction of the country presently and what lies ahead for all of us as citizens. I contend that we do need a better culture of leadership, transparency, accountability, moral courage, integrity and honesty in our governance and politics.

Saving our democracy is saving our people and saving our country. This requires a new direction and leadership that can inspire values of equality of opportunity, inclusion, equity, fairness, social justice and humanity, guarded by an improved constitutional framework that secures a sustainable future for all Saint Lucians.

The election battle-lines having been clearly drawn. I am of the view that we must be united in a collective and strategic effort to remove this inept administration from our backs to save our democracy, people and country. And while it is my core belief that principles are foundational to our democracy, governance and progress, I am also able to appreciate that when navigating challenging circumstances, there comes a time when compromise and accommodation offers the best solution in the people’s and country’s best interest.

The Hon. Philip J. Pierre (Leader of the Opposition) and I have agreed on a framework of acceptance and acknowledgement in relation to the Choiseul/Saltibus impasse on how we can optimally serve the collective best interests of our people and the nation in a manner that would not taint the integrity of our expressed principles. That for us, is to negotiate in good faith, mutual respect and with integrity, for these are issues that are far more profound than either of us in the broader context of “country”. This has now brought us to a point of amicable resolution and closing of ranks for the greater good of country.

It is in this light that I have decided to suspend my campaign to assist and support Hon. Philip J. Pierre as the best option to rescue, transform and develop our ailing country. This is, in my mind, the proper posture to adopt at this time. We must now all come together and allow our deepest convictions to purposefully drive us to vote for change, for this has now become a national imperative as well as a moral responsibility.




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