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St Lucia: SOE – Curfew to restrict opposition campaign ahead of general elections

By Caribbean News Global fav

ONTARIO, Canada – The prime minister of Saint Lucia Allen Chastanet on Monday, February 8, 2021, made a second appearance within seven days in a so-called address to the nation that is more in keeping with a con-artist sales pitch, shadow dancing a political strategy to restrict activities of Saint Lucians not in keeping with the governments electioneering strategy.

“We must take measures to limit movement and lessen the avenues of contact that drive the virus. As you know we have been trying to balance lives and livelihoods. If we do not, the consequences will be dire,” the prime minister explained, oblivious to the reality.

The United Worker Party (UWP) majority in parliament on Tuesday will certainly rubber-stamp a State of Emergency (SEO) to May 16, 2021, under the guise of COVID-19 alarming cases, a crisis of the making of the government of Saint Lucia’s doggedness to pandemic tourism and preferential economics, claiming “ we cannot close the country”.

It is common knowledge that the executive and parliamentary twigs of the UWP government have lost all integrity. Their main concern is to cherry-pick facts and argue false symmetry.

In a request for comment following the prime ministers’ sales pitch, the source said: “When my wife has no interest in listening to the prime minister, I know he is in trouble. What more does he have to say, when we already know of the announcement to the announcement. The guy is not genuine. Secondary to that, the general election is expected towards the end of the SEO. While people are broke, hungry and unemployed.”

According to the constitution, parliament shall dissolve on July 11, 2021, and election held on or before October 11, 2021. Saint Lucia’s are mindful of the similarities and circumstances with St Kitts and Nevis last general elections – have cautioned prime minister Chastanet of the thought of delaying the general elections on the belief that “COVID-19 warrants a constitutional WAR”.

Noteworthy, prime minister Chastanet addressed to the nation on Tuesday, February 2, is illustrated in the article ‘COVID-19 address to the Nation: ‘The cyclops identityby Dr Alphonsus St Rose, Independent Candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus, as follows:

 “A Cyclops, in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology, was a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

“Think of an institution where the folk in authority only have one eye. With whom would they surround themselves? At worst, more Cyclops. At best, blind creatures. People with two eyes and 20/20 vision would be unemployable in such an institution (The late Dr Kenrick Orrin Barrow, in his swansong speech, Jamaica, 2013).

The second State of Emergency to May 16, 2021, will certainly decimate lives and livelihoods in Saint Lucia. Thousands will remain on the bread line and not return to the formal economy. The poverty rate will balloon. Businesses that narrowly survived that first and second wave will go under. Compounded by the unavailability of government incentives and economic support. And contrary to the government believing that they have found the right balance to “co-exist with COVID-19” this is a ridiculous narrative.

Simply put; how can one co-exist with coronavirus that is likely to kill you?

But according to the prime minister,” the show must go on” and as viewed, Saint Lucia’s independence celebration was the main feature of a con-artists ability to excite the “poorpopulation” as previously pronounced by the infamous prime minister of Saint Lucia, then again, according to his acolytes, “is an international kind of person.”

As expected, nothing in the prime ministers address points to a person capable of understanding the depth of the health and economy disparities ahead. However, he found commonality in prayer before the address.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet leads the Nation in Prayer, February 8, 2021

In the state of what’s next, yes Satan still has worshippers, chasing a mandate on borrowed time. However, the government of Saint Lucia sold their soul a long time ago.

Lord Help Me – Wicked Man 2017 Lucian Calypso,” explains.”

Further, the St Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) in a press release Monday, said: 

“Bearing in mind that the prime minister addressed the nation with a prepared speech within minutes of the end of the most recent meeting of the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC)” the CSA “will review its position in relation to attendance at such gathering in the future.”

“The CSA is opposed to the idea of a 7:00 pm to 5:00 am curfew on the basis that it is impractical to enforce and therefore will serve no real purpose in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“In establishing the time for the curfew, the government did not take account of workers who must travel to and from work to areas far from their homes, and the difficulties of using public transportation within the limited time between the close of work and the start of the curfew.

“The CSA believes that the better option for flattening the curve is a total lockdown for a specified period, preceded by an adequate notice period and a package of financial and other form of support to the most vulnerable.

“There is no doubt that the sudden rise in cases is inextricably linked to the lax posture adopted towards visitors and their apparent lack of observance of the protocols at the COVID-19 approved hotels.”



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