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St Lucia parliamentarians accept salary increases amid COVID-19 crisis

By Caribbean News Global fav

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The prime minister and minister for finance  2020/2021 estimates of expenditure and revenue reflects salary increases of 66 percent for minsters equivalent to EC$ 61,601 and 47.7 percent equivalent to EC$ 65,320 for the office of the prime minister on basic salary, plus allowances.

The salary increases for government ministers, the least competent in modern history, the termed “Lapo” in the local vernacular, is taking place during COVID-19 health and economic crisis is very “alarming and deceitful”.

The ethics and/or lack thereof to such a discovery, not communicated to the taxpayers of Saint Lucia and not reflected in the normal sequence of the estimates are however detailed on pages 75 and 174 of the 2020/21 estimates.

Peter “Ras Ipa” Isaac president of the Saint Lucia craft and dry goods vendors association puts it best, “ This is a heartless government.”

The mismanagement of public finances supported by data is irresistible: Is Saint Lucia at the hands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

The government of Saint Lucia claims that it is unable to formulate a social and economic stimulus package for COVID-19; as compared to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada.

Instead the Saint Lucian government staged a telephon to raise funds for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers; it is also at the benevolence of Taiwan and Cuba for medical support, calls to question “duplicity of purpose and sincerity”.

This however supports minister for economic development Guy Joseph, previous display of hubris in the parliament of Saint Lucia. “ It is a challenge to be honest in this country. I can tell you. I suffer it every day.”

It is further hideous to reference economic minister Joseph, but it conjures the nuance of “Lapo” punching beyond his weight, addressing Saint Lucia’s response to COVID-19.

Besides, in an open letter to the Trade Union Federation (TUF) president Julian Monrose on the subject of “governments proposal re: Short-term salary adjustments” prime minister and minister for finance Allen Chastanet is attempting a desperate appeal for TUF to accept government’s payment proposal for civil servants (50/50 cash and government bond) amidst COVID-19 crisis.

“Should our offer not be accepted, we will have to examine our legal options in order to ensure that we as a government can function, can meet our obligations and can continue providing essential services to our citizens.”

Government of St Lucia – TUF prepares for battle

The government of Saint Lucia has demonstrated that “economics has no conscience …  colonialism had a conscience,” ~ prime minister Chastanet.

Urban Dolor writes on social media: “No country wants its leader to be “deceptive”. No country wants its leader to be “schizophrenic”. No country wants its leader to display actions that do not match the leader’s words. On Tuesday May 26, the prime minister of Saint Lucia has an excellent opportunity to show that he is neither “deceptive nor schizophrenic” and that his action matches his words”.

Returning to a question by the Government Information Service (GIS), Lisa Joseph that stumped the economic minister last week:

Q: The TUF has publicly offered to waive a one percent salary increase; government ministers are due to a 55 percent wage increase. Will Cabinet also suspend salary increases?

Minister Joseph chockingly replied:

A: “We cannot suspend salary increases …”

Furthermore, the increase in compensation as described, calls to question why, and why now? Is this a golden handshake for poor representation and gross mismanagement of the country for the betterment of a few?



  1. So wait, make me understand. So you rather give ministers, the ones that are not very much affected by COVID-19 financial increases, but what about the ones that are infected like the front line worker that is in the middle of all this?

    The teachers that have to work round the clock at home to make sure children have work every day. The parents that lost their jobs but still have to be a teacher and still have to pay the bills and feed these children at home with – what half of their salary when the salary was nearly enough. But you can tell me you think it is better to raise the people’s salary that are already all our salaries in one.

    So making money for yourselves is better than the ones that work hard for you’ll. Why didn’t you take the bonds for you’ll increase and leave the money for the people that need it? “It is good for the goose and not for the gander.” I realise why we have these sayings. Another is “tanto tanto” – who feels it knows it.
    Not right, totally not right!

  2. Well, well, well.

    All those fools in the public service who claim to understand the plight of the government, and the government does not have a choice, things are hard – wait till they actually receive only 50% or 25% of their salaries – then they will really be facing reality. Especially when they have to look in the Estimates and see what their loving prime minister and his ministers taking home (and have taken home with the hefty backpays). I understand that one of them received back-pay to the tune of $900,000. Name withheld for now .

    What happen to “all-in”?

  3. Saint Lucian`s stop sleeping on you`ll self, wake up. We need to take the ‘teeth’ out.
    Chastanet must go. He has to, with his “poodle and chiwawah”.

  4. My dear people don’t be misled. The back pay that was given recently was not paid only to current ministers but, some of the ministers of former administration SLP. The increase was approved under them and was put on hold because the public made a fuss on payment of that back pay.
    These monies were paid to ALL around late last year. The former prime minister as I understand may have taken around $900,000 home. That’s why they are silent on the issue.

    The back pay was not paid during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so let stop misleading the people. I think we St Lucian, the government, opposition, public servants and all are not working in the best interest of the country right now.
    The government wants to prove itself right and take on a battle with the public servants, the public servant refuses to negotiate on a reasonable percentage of salary deferment.

    The opposition is scoping up every opportunity in their desperation to regain power, and the public is decided with hatred supporting one party or the other. Where is humanitarian and patriotism? SMH!

    Only Jesus has the answer. We humans are just too selfish, all of us.

  5. Of course they have to go, our money not yours, so what St.Lucians says goes. After your salary so hefty you adding on it, so you have no crisis then. You ‘lying’, look de Devil day, he in de Parliament. That government really dangerous, look at his face well, he smiling when he doing his wickedness. He want to “kill” you’ll off to take all the money.

  6. Both the ruling and opposition party are dishonest and care nothing for the people of Saint Lucia. Both are benefiting from this salary hikes, laughing all the way to the bank and you’ll vex with each other because of them.

  7. Here I am unemployed and struggling. I was promised a little change from NIC which I am yet to get a dollar. I don’t know what my family and myself are going to do because we are practically broke. Meanwhile, the rich is getting richer and the poor remains poorer… SAD!


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