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St Lucia opposition leader admonishes government maladministration

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – At a press conference of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) September 3, 2020, leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip J Pierre chastised the Allen Chastanet-led government policy and corrupt practices.

“Once more, we have to draw to your attention that the policies of this current government continue to show why it is unfit for office, why it is incapable of managing the affairs of the country and why the people must remove it at the next general elections,” leader of the SLP, Pierre, added. “The government has failed to successfully manage the dire economic crisis facing the country along with the promise to eliminate Value Added Tax (VAT.”

Opposition leader Pierre rationalized that the public servants are not trusting of the government, remain uncertain as to whether the threat of reducing their salaries by 50 percent is still on the cards.

“Instead of providing relief for the humanitarian, social and economic needs of the parents of our schoolchildren, the banana farmers, the fishers, the displaced workers and unemployed, the government engages in electoral gimmicks of road construction and other infrastructural projects that have had no stimulus on the economy.

“In the City of Castries, small vendors and other persons struggling to make a living are hounded daily by an unsympathetic City authority. This United Workers Party (UWP) government and its agents simply do not comprehend the pain and distress which the majority of Saint Lucians are experiencing and that its priority should be to ease their suffering,” said Pierre.

In a statement, leader of the opposition Pierre, said: “In these stressful times, the government has failed in its promise to reduce crime. The murder rate is climbing, with four murders in the last two weeks bringing the total for the year to 32; so much for a prime minister who promised to do with crime what he claimed his predecessor couldn’t. At the same time, we are also witnessing an unprecedented number of suspected suicides for any one year.”

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“The Cabot St Lucia ‘fiasco’ and the failed ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ horse racing project once again illustrates this government’s preference for aiding undeserving so-called foreign investors over the people, the country’s institutions, in particular, the Saint Lucia National Trust and the National Insurance Corporation (NIC). Its persecution of the National Trust and some of its officials is yet another example of a calculating and vindictive government that is attempting to hide its misdeeds by smearing those who oppose it.”

“That is why the prime minister has launched another vicious attack on the member of parliament for Castries South; but is very silent on the allegations of corruption and misdemeanours involving his own ministers – for example, the Pajoah letter, the Assenza Airport scandal, the WiPay mess, inflated contracts awarded without tender, and now, ‘the Condo scandal’ surrounding Dr Gale Rigobert, minister for education, innovation, gender relations and sustainable development,” said Pierre.

The leader of the opposition extended support for Saint Lucians, reiterating his commitment to protect jobs and businesses, said: “ I always put people first – we will continue to speak with the people of Saint Lucia. We will continue to engage the farmers and fishers and seek ways to provide sustainable livelihoods and money for their families and workers.

“Our plan will alleviate the depression facing our country. We will ensure that we improve the situations facing the unemployed, hotel workers, vendors, small businesses and all citizens living in fear and uncertainty caused by the UWP government. This is the pledge and promise of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to the people of Saint Lucia,” Pierre declared.



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