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St Lucia journeys a lethal Lenten season

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES St Lucia – An experience of usually intense mental suffering, modern-day Calvary in the city of Castries, Gros-Islet, Monchy, Millet, Soufriere or Vieux- Fort, Saint Lucia is undergoing a murderous Lenten season, the latest was last evening in Monchy an attempted kidnapping/robbery a near-fatal statistic, saved by an escape to nearby shops.

An open-air representation of the crucifixion of Jesus “ is referred to in all four Gospels (Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, Luke 23:33, and John 19:17)”, that not even the Church is safe from the bullets of Gangsters.

St Lucia police officer down in the peril of national security

And so, albeit a change of government the constant to ‘Gangster paradise’: Crime is big business in Saint Lucia is most prevailing.

Last Thursday the Southern Town of Vieux-Fort witnessed parishioners, mourners, a member of parliament run to safety at the sound of gunfire during a funeral precession. The was no merit to the 10 commandments – “Thou Shall not kill.” Another homicide was recorded.

The weekend was no different, through to Tuesday with increased homicides in Castries, indiscriminate gunfire in Gros-Islet, Jacmel, Monchy, accounting for 17 homicides, thus far for 2022.

#The Fox, a social media commentator advised:

Demons of death and destruction are loose in Saint Lucia; time for all Christian Churches to get together in deep prayer, and pray against the spirit of death, but mainly pray for peace and love in the communities. All Christian Churches should set aside one or more evenings for intensive prayer, to defeat the powers of darkness and to bring in the light of love for your victory.”

But hitherto, social media and voice notes in circulation are not short of perceived threats, and a plausible hint to a trained mind of what’s next. However, the arduous task is to “be careful and be mindful of your surroundings in all your movement,” reads an internal advisory.

Meanwhile, prime minister Philip Pierre described the crime and criminality that is rampant in Saint Lucia, albeit giving the Royal St Lucia Police (RSLPF) eleven new vehicles, said Monday:

“These crimes with these weapons must stop. We are going to be stiffening the penalties, and they are going to be very draconian penalties when it comes to guns and ammunition.”

#The Fox writes on social media:

“I am not convinced, show us you really mean business. Bring back the guys ‘Restore Confidence’ armed with guns, wipe out some bad guys, show you mean business, but you PJP are just too soft for the times we’re living in.

“These guys mean business, you can’t deal with them with today’s type of policing, they will outgun you, they don’t care who gets hurt. If you stand in their way, they’ll shoot you; in one month they’ve killed one cop and shot another.

“You will have to bring in some badass guys from outside to do the work, or else. Do you remember what Chas once said, “If you can’t, I’ll do it” sounds laughable, but laugh now, the laugh is on you! 

“It’s no laughing matter, but I pray for some miracle for Saint Lucia, their boss will be caught.”

St Lucia’s Gazetted police offices should be sent packing




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