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St Lucia Banana Festival all set

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The Banana Festival has obtained the support of the private sector as well as the public sector in Saint Lucia and importantly the 43rd Independence Celebrations Committee.

The event is featured as part of the calendar of events and programming for the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and La Caye, Dennery. The Anglican Mothers Union will also utilize the event as a fundraiser.

Private sector

Three major manufacturers have further offered to be part of the event namely, Baron Foods, Viking Traders and Saint Lucia Distillers.

In addition, the St Lucia Marketing Board (SLMB) and Massy, have partnered with the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and offered ingredients for the cooking demonstrations which will be held Sunday, February 20, and Tuesday, February 22 – Independence Day – at the nearby Anglican Church car park.

Critical to the Banana Festival is the support from some of the leading cottage-type industries including Lucian Xpression, Rosemond Homemade Wines, Vel Multi-Service Ltd wines, My Rose Creole Delights, Tea-Garden758, Nature’s Way, OLI Wallace, Monrose  Distribution and several other artesans.

Items on display

The items to be featured will include banana bi-products such as Ketchup, Chips, jams jellies, Soap, teas, wines, Banana paper and crafts. Research has proven there are well over 28 uses of the Banana. 

Main sponsors

Holy Trinity Anglican Church is happy for the support of other stakeholders such as the Castries City Council and the St Lucia National Archives; the main sponsors are Courts Ready Cash, FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc., and importantly the Government of Saint Lucia and the Independence Celebrations Committee for the 43rd Anniversary Celebrations.

The Banana Festival was born out of the recent negative narrative and criticism of the leaders in the Banana Industry. The current attempts are being made to refocus on the positives of the industry with the help of critical agencies and stakeholders, who of like mind prefer to highlight the benefit of the industry to the younger generation.

The event is coordinated by a management committee of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, which comprises Archdeacon Christian Glasgow, David Jordan FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc., and Cecil Charles.

Archdeacon Glasgow says “ the Festival is in keeping with the teachings of the Anglican faith and an understanding also within the context of the church’s mission. He further emphasizes that the mission relates to the safeguard and the integrity of the planet Earth. He notes that the Banana Industry has been a mainstay of the economy of Saint Lucia and the other countries of the OECS.”

Archdeacon Glasgow also noted the value of the banana – a fruit – and how we as a people have not fully explored the full extent of the value of the Banana Industry. He highlighted the use of the banana as a fruit and the various components as a plant. He agrees with Chairman FRIEETAD that this can be opportune to draw the attention of policymakers and the people, as to the opportunities towards social and economic livelihoods.

Archdeacon Glasgow stresses the harmonious relationship with society in his statement that “ the well being of the nation and the well being of the church are interlinked”. Archdeacon Glasgow recognizes that the church’s role in part which extends to a responsibility to advocate for a philosophy “ to eat what we grow and grow what we eat.”

The management committee further highlights that the exhibition will also have a historical component which will focus on the evolution of the industry in Saint Lucia. Patrons will also benefit from viewing a more contemporary feature which will be portrayed by the Taiwan technical assistance, and the attempts to resuscitate the industry. The department of the chief nutritionist will focus on the health benefits of the banana as a fruit.

The Banana Festival will also feature cooking demonstrations by world-renowned Chef Orlando Satchell, with cooking demonstrations on Sunday 10:00 am – 12:30 pm; and Tuesday 11:30 am – 01:30 pm, Independence Day.

The combined schools choir under the leadership of Robert Rene is expected to perform on Monday, February 21, from 03:30 pm. The Banana Festival will be streamed live. COVID-19 protocols will be implemented.

For further information contact: + 1 (758) 285-3260 and



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