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St Lucia: A police state just like Hitler days

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) the agency responsible for law enforcement in Saint Lucia, founded in 1834, was found wanting May 4, 2021. Saint Lucia police are still subject to US sanctions under the Leahy Law, and on the Global Magnitsky Act: Working on the next wave.

Questions have arisen based on information and statements by policymakers and recipients of brute force that restricts freedom of movement, suppression of journalist and the curtailment of free speech. In parliament, admissibility of evidence is stalled; prefaced on the proficiency of the interpretation of the standing orders and the Constitution of Saint Lucia. In addition, there is the re-construction of the English and Creole languages, often butchered to ignorance.

This has led to constitutional queries, legal analysis and interpretation that Saint Lucia has become a police state just like Hitler days. In addition, the United Workers Party (UWP) administration is indoctrinated in Machiavellian psychology.

The RSLPF seems no longer Royal in the dispense of duty and service, but appears a tool of the leavers of colonial imperialist and the mercantile class to an approximate 1,200 plus, police force, are available to stop citizens from coming to parliament.

A further concern is centered on having to arrest people if there was a mass protest; where would detainees be housed and the human rights concerns that would arise? And given that Saint Lucia has a serious crime problem, drug trafficking and domestic violence described as a “gangster paradise”: is there not a better use for the RSLPF?

Totalitarian democracy is a term popularized by Israeli historian Jacob Leib Talmon to refer to a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation-state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.

This leads to reflection. What would cause a UWP government in an election year to distance itself from the people and parliament with the services of the RSLPF, yet find it appropriate to offer handouts on the campaign trail.

Is there a massa, mendicant mentality – replicated by gift-baskets – a modern staple of insult and degradation?

In the philosophy of totalitarian democracy, sources indicate that several police officers have been recalled from leave and assigned to questionable refresher training, indicative of the preparation in a state of war.

This brings to mind the likes of the Mongoose Gang – a private army or militia which operated from 1967 to 1979 under the control of Sir Eric Gairy, the premier and later prime minister of Grenada. And the Tonton Macoute, who served as a special operations unit within the Haitian paramilitary force created in 1959 by dictator François “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

Reaction to Caribbean News Global (CNG) article ‘St Lucia police intelligence found wanting’ received wide-ranging expressions. Herein, narrated [for publication] the many comments shared on Facebook.

“Thanks my brother for penning Saint Lucians are no fools in this times.”

“If this does not give us a clear and unambiguous ascertain why the “police intelligence” has seemingly failed to yield positive results in so many unsolved cases and untold stories, nothing can and nothing will.”

“I doubt they’re intelligent to allow themselves to be used …  for political expediency. The police force is to serve and protect, not to intimidate law-abiding citizens who would like to exercise their franchise by standing outside parliament? Have we [be] come to a police state? We’ve been coming outside parliament all those years without any barricades until Allen Chastanet became prime minister, so asked yourselves why?”

“I will say that those who planned to have a protest march, just chicken out. They saw what were in store for them.”

Perchance the answer lies in an unfeasible UWP government that is diminishing democracy, with maldministration and sophistry.

Moreover; who is the RSLPF serving and protecting, founded in 1834, found wanting May 4, 2021, … still subject to US sanctions under the Leahy Law, and on the Global Magnitsky Act: Working on the next wave.

The following is instructive given the source.

“Better safe than sorry. When certain individuals in support of the opposition and their cronies have been pushing their agenda of Revolution(Revo-Lucian), for the past couple years, and trying to insight their followers in like manner, I prefer the presence of the law, to uphold the laws of the country, especially in a pandemic of this magnitude. Least one forgets the illegality of the round the island motorcade, the trespassing and physical confrontations at the Piton, the open acts of breaking the protocols ending in violence against the police, and other incidents including political aggravation by an opposition representative, it is good on the police to act before or if any crowd disturbances would raise its ugly head.

“It was broadcast all over the Internet and elsewhere about the intention to disrupt the day’s proceedings, so I am not surprised that the police intelligence caught wind of these planned actions. There are two sides to a coin and on the proactive side I am saying kudos to the police as their presence sure change the course of history, (because if these demonstrations were to happen who knows what the headlines would have been) and these were resources well spent on their part. Only persons looking at the other side of the coin will find this a waste of resources because their plans were squashed by the presence of the police.”

Saint Lucia became an independent country in 1979 and should have been liberated by now from colonial imperialism and Machiavellian psychology, but apparently not.

The enforcement of unconstitutional laws and the continuous State of Emergency (SOE) under the cover of COVID-19 intended to circumvent and “outbreak of a disease” and a “war” on COVID-19 points to a lack of confidence, and a government that is not practical, seeking to uphold its non-existence with force.

It is only a matter of time. Come what may, the UWP government will have to face the electorate in the ballot box – not in or outside parliament. On July 12 parliament dissolves [if not before]. October 12, concludes 30 days extension [and as prefaced October 12 general elections]. The extended SOE ends October 16, 2021. Then what?




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