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Soul-searching for self-decision

Open Letter to Grenada’s Governor-General

Re: Soul-searching for self-decision


Wednesday, 13th January 2021

Joseph K. Roberts

Jupa Road / Mon Plaisir

c/o Grand Roy Post Office, St John


Her Excellency Dame Dr. Cecile La Grenade

Governor-General of Grenada

Office of the Governor-General

Point Salines,  St George


Dear Dame Dr La Grenade:

Season’s greetings to you and yours, including Her Majesty The Queen and the State of Grenada.

Hoping that the COVID-19 2020 Christmas holidays were not very boring, stressful and awful; and also praying for God’s spiritual strength for us-all, “the people of Grenada”, to face any challenges, mishaps, perplexities and uncertainties of the unknown future as entering the new year 2021. Thanks and Honour must be given to God for His Grace and Protection of the past.

As usual; the decisive reason, focus and prospect for sending this letter is based on the value placed on your most prestigious position as the ultimate ‘head and conscience and guardian’ of the State of Grenada, which most definitely includes “the people of Grenada”. This respectable and weighty designation in the government of the State is reflected in sections 23 and 57 of the constitution.  “There shall be a Parliament of Grenada which shall consist of Her Majesty, a Senate and a House of Representatives”; and “The executive authority of Grenada is vested in Her Majesty …. exercised on behalf of Her Majesty by the Governor-General … ”.

As a natural constituent of “the people of Grenada”, I once again beg the indulgence of your ‘deliberate judgment of moral persuasion and determination’; at this time on the celebration of the 47th Anniversary of Grenada’s Independence under the theme “Rebuilding Together a Safer, More Resilient Nation in these Challenging Times”. My efforts of forwarding the various letters continue, despite having no form of acknowledgement; apologies if erred on protocols.

Consider this latest appeal to be timely, imperative and pertinent, especially as the celebration comes amidst the conspicuous worsening of brazen assaults on the sovereign constitution, rapid erosion of the civil democracy, vehement abhorrence for good governance, radical threats to national sustainability and progress, and of unreserved scorn for the concerns and aspirations of we, “the people of Grenada”. All of those gross contraventions and offences are occurring by, or under the auspices of, your Government; and thus indeed, your ‘attentive and prudent intervention’ is tremendously needed “in these Challenging Times”.

On behalf of “the people of Grenada” and myself, I wonder about if there is any sense of lethargy or of embarrassment on your part, with regard to the “business of the Government of Grenada, including the administration of any department” (constitution, section 60); as well as about the degree of satisfaction and confidence on your part, with regard to the credibility of “the advice of the Cabinet” (constitution, section 62) and the compliance by the Prime Minister to keep the Governor-General “fully informed concerning the general conduct of the government of Grenada” (constitution, section 63). Are you aware or have you ever felt that the authority of the office of the Governor-General has been usurped by or has been made subordinate to the Government, as is being played-out with the management of the COVID-19 epidemic, involving the declaration of a state of emergency (constitution, section 17)?

Notwithstanding the culture of ‘intimidation, fear and victimization’ perceived to be perpetuated by Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, and particularly his boastful claim that “ … the Governor-General is appointed on recommendation of the Prime Minister …”, “the people of Grenada” is wondering furthermore, whether or not you have being having candid and constructive engagements with your Government, especially concerning integrity and patriotism in managing the resources, preserving the patrimony and engendering the dignity and virtues of the State. Correspondingly; have you had any form of consideration for, and/or any form of cooperation with, the Leader of the Opposition, Tobias Clement, on his rallying cries for ’new ways to conduct the nation’s business and democracy to save’?

In fact; it would be very instructive for we, “the people of Grenada” to ascertain your appreciation of the extent of the significance of the role and mission of the Governor-General as “Her Majesty’s representative in Grenada” (constitution, section19) and of “the oath of allegiance and the oath of office” to be taken by the Governor-General (constitution, section 20).  By extension too for unfolding, is the issue of the relationship and / or of the accountability of the Governor-General to Her Majesty and to Her Majesty’s Grenadian-subjects and Leader of the Opposition; as well as on the issue of the Governor-General to ensure a ‘good repute’ of Her Majesty’s domain (the State of Grenada and the entire community of the British Commonwealth).

Like “the people of Grenada”, you should be very disturbed about the grievous transactions done in the ‘name and liability’ of the State; and in substance, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen. The current case in point is with respect to the ugly and dubious resulting issues on the repurchasing of the WRB shares in Grenlec. Were you consulted by your Government on the finances on this transaction, and/or are you aware of any agreements arrived at with the pertinent international funding agencies for the transfer of the loans and grants originally planned and pledged as budgetary support for capital projects to finance the Grenlec’s shares transaction? The question of financial accountability, creditworthiness, investor’s confidence and legal ramifications must be of great concern on this transaction.

This active mess on the Grenlec’s shares which is generating deserved public outrage must not be seen in isolation; but rather, it is typical of the heightening of the wretched situation on governance in Grenada. There is the continued ignorance, uncertainty and forlorn hope of “the people of Grenada” on the nation’s Oil and Gas deal, the Citizenship By Investment programme, the public debt, and the status of the investigations on improprieties; for example.

Permit me to jog your memory on the turbulent political experiences of “the people of Grenada” from 1961 to 1983, so as to assist you in grasping and arresting the comparative situation in the making.  Particular reference is made to the circumstances which precipitated the disassociation of Grenada’s famous and first Governor-General, Dame Hilda Bynoe, with the Eric Matthew Gairy’s government. The local history shows that evidence and signals of dictatorship, corruption, socio-economic misery, massive protest and fatal brutality surrounded the resignation of Dame Bynoe in January 1974, just a few days before the ceremony for the beginning of Grenada’s Independence.

Recall also that it is said, history repeats itself; and thus you are to join with “the people of Grenada” in meaningful and sincere prayers for no violent explosion in Grenada as was suffered in March 1979 and October 1983. Worth noting for application is the warning given in an unpublished letter (“Grenada : Eric Mathew Gairy and the Politics of Extravagance”) of the Institute of Current World Affairs in May 1969. That is; “… beneath the surface appearance of fast-paced tourist development and in spite of Grenada’s image as a mini-state going places, the island is actually in a high state of tension which should be watched … ” (

Madam Governor-General; whilst you may be very relaxed by having all confidence in your Government and by ruling-out any notion that Grenada today is in a high state of tension, it would be irrational, naïve and farfetched to think that “the people of Grenada” is missing the lessons on the trends internationally.  The current happenings globally make the sorry situation locally in Grenada much more frightening, as these overwhelming observations for ‘rights, justice and survival’ can fuel any uncontrolled potential and desire. Grenada has been integral in global politics during the 1978-1980 period of revolts against tyranny. Most notable today is the vile actions and counter-actions for ‘dignity and dominance’ in the so-called great democracy of the United States of America, from a political reign with lies and spites, and cronyism and racism.

Dame Dr La Grenade, many questions are arising. Shouldn’t the office of the Governor-General be a reasonable ultimate recourse for “the people of Grenada” to have credible and comprehensive answers? Can’t you see the hurt, exploitation and deceit on Grenada? Without compromising the office of the Governor-General, the time has come for you to adopt aptly a change in the attitude and style of representing Her Majesty, especially in realizing any goodwill and good faith of “Rebuilding Together a Safer, More Resilient Nation in these Challenging Times”. Moreover; your Throne Speech 2020 – “Towards Vision 2035: Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience” would place the State of Grenada in a vicious cycle, unless that Change is effective.

Respectfully Much Obliged




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