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Smart health home industry to be revealed at CES 2020

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – You might be familiar with the term “smart home,” but get ready for the “Smart Health Home” by Electronic Caregiver®. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas, Electronic Caregiver® will present an ambitious new digital health technology solution named Addison Care™.

Addison Care is an innovative IoT-connected residential health solution capable of chronic care management, monitoring, behavioral health, rehabilitation support and continuum of care support. Addison sets up within minutes in your home with multiple touch screens networked together with far-field microphones, health peripherals, high-quality sound, RealSense Intel depth cameras, and includes a voice-powered 3D Virtual Caregiver named Addison. Addison is displayed inside interactive, dynamic 3D scenes and can perform demonstrations, conduct patient assessments and work with objects inside her environment.

Addison first debuted as a prototype at CES 2019 and she demonstrated some impressive capabilities like collecting some key vitals and basic medication reminders. This year Addison promises to demonstrate a lot more capabilities coordinated with a production model debut, and managed by a fully functioning, highly secure, proprietary enterprise platform that is already serving patients in the market nationwide. This year at CES, Electronic Caregiver will debut new features Addison offers for health practices to manage in-office patient assessments, intake and outtake procedures. The company is also showing off a new clinical-based, motion analysis solution.

“CES 2020 is a pivotal debut for us,” Electronic Caregiver chief executive officer (CEO) Anthony Dohrmann said. “Addison is now market-ready. She monitors vitals through six connected health devices. Her scenes are more capable, dynamic and fluid. Her voice capabilities are dramatically enhanced. The entire user experience has seen a 100-fold improvement. We’ve added features for child patients, chronic care patients, behavioral health, rehabilitation, and full-network integration with health providers. One of the most exciting Virtual Assistant features Addison will present at CES is the integration of Amazon Alexa.”

Dohrmann went on to explain the difference between Addison Care and traditional apps and telehealth. Older adults find thumbing through menus and small screens a burden, and somewhat confusing. Rather than having to reach out and navigate the technology, with Addison, the technology reaches out to you, walking you through every step of interaction, patient assessment, and treatment routine.

Addison has also added gamification, education support for caregivers, and provides impressive connectivity for family members, providers, and professional caregivers. As far as telehealth, Addison does provide telehealth connectivity standard but fills the additional gaps in care by providing extended 24/7 support, assessment and monitoring.

Electronic Caregiver has already deployed the Addison Architecture to manage thousands of patients nationwide, managing more than 5 million signals and engagements per year for patients and caregivers. Their service, which the company calls “advanced remote patient monitoring,” is now reimbursed by Medicare. Addison Care is designed with equipment deployed in the home, which includes an impressive octuple redundant.

For instance, in the event the internet and/or power is lost to the home, the Addison solution has an integrated back-up battery and is cellular-enabled through a connected smart hub. In partial resource mode, Addison Care can still connect to provide health peripherals for vitals monitoring, a physician-on-demand service called pocketMD, use of her emergency response wearable, monitored medication reminders, and even two-way natural language processing for automated in-home assessments. All critical alerts and notifications still function to serve customers, caregivers, and partners.



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