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Residence of Rodney Bay St Lucia and the SLP government exchange undercuts over noise pollution

Dear Sir

In furtherance of minister for tourism, investment, creative industries, culture and information, Dr Ernest Hilaire, a resident of Rodney Bay – described an open letter from Rodney Bay residents over noise pollution in their community “It was a political statement,” the apparent is obvious – a loose statement of consequence.

On November 2, 2023, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of which Hilaire is a deputy political leader of hilarious repute released: The SLP comments on “Rodney Bay Residents” Open Letter to the Government.”

——– Comment ——-

The exchange of letters and the custodian of leadership in Saint Lucia is very much undesirable, relating to matters of noise pollution, zoning regulation, law enforcement and ongoing concerns to matters of statute. The above underscores the state of affairs in the governance of Saint Lucia – an unpleasant reflection of methodology.” CNG Insights!



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