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Ramagrama Stupa conservation and enhancement unveils masterplan

RAMGRAM, Nepal – At a historic celebration at the Ramagrama Stupa, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, prime minister of Nepal, joined esteemed dignitaries and international guests to herald a collaborative initiative poised to affirm the conservation and enhancement of one of the nation’s most significant historical and cultural treasures.

“Today marks a momentous stride as we collectively embark on a national commitment to preserve the sacred Ramagrama Stupa, an ancient site dating back 2600 years,” remarked the prime minister. “The initiative is being hailed as a symbol of united efforts to safeguard, preserve, develop, and manage one of the country’s most important heritage sites.”

The Ramagrama Stupa has been on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage status since 1997 for being the only intact stupa dating back to 600 BCE that contains the original relics of Lord Buddha.

Designing the visionary masterplan is the acclaimed architect Stefano Boeri, renowned for the award-winning Vertical Forest in Milan and his adept integration of cultural and natural surroundings.

Boeri’s master plan, unveiled at the event, features – around the Bodhi Tree – a large mandala meadow spanning 600 meters in diameter, surrounded by a garden ring that hosts 175,000 sqm prayer halls, art & culture centers, mediation spaces, and museums, offering visitors an engaging exploration of the stupa’s significance and archaeological relics.

“This project represents an extraordinary challenge for us: that of creating a meaningful center for prayer, meditation, and peace in one of the most sacred sites of Buddhism,” said Boeri.

The Ramagrama Stupa Project incorporates eco-friendly design principles. Boeri’s vision harmoniously integrates the project with the natural surroundings, emphasizing green spaces and sustainable construction practices. The commitment to environmental conservation ensures the project becomes a beacon of responsible cultural development.

“We gather here at the Ramagrama Stupa not just for a ceremonial occasion but to embark on a collective journey to global harmony.”, said Nikesh Adhikari, chairman of The Promised Land.

The Ramagrama Stupa Project is a partnership between the government of Nepal, the Lumbini Development Trust, and The Promised Land supported by the Moksha Foundation, safeguarding the ancient site and propelling Nepal into a future where cultural preservation harmoniously coexists with sustainable development.



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