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PEWIN Foundation Announces Its First Grant Recipient: Girls Who Invest

This PEWIN Foundation grant will support the advancement of women in financial services by providing funding to interns participating in the Girls Who Invest Summer Intensive Program

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$pewin #1315capital–PEWIN Foundation, the non-profit arm of Private Equity Women Investor Network, announced the recipient of its first grant: Girls Who Invest (GWI). Launched in 2019, PEWIN Foundation leverages the philanthropic power of senior women in private equity to advance gender equality. Only 6% of senior private equity leaders are women, and only 6% of the largest institutional money managers are led by women chief investment officers. GWI aims to bring more women and non-binary individuals into investment and leadership roles through education, mentoring, and internships.

Kelly Williams, Chair of PEWIN Foundation and Founding Chair of Private Equity Women Investor Network stated, “We are thrilled to provide PEWIN Foundation’s inaugural grant to Girls Who Invest. The GWI experience inspires more women to enter the investment industry and provides a solid educational foundation for their participants, who may not have otherwise considered a career in investing.”

The PEWIN Foundation 2023 grant of $15,000 will help support the financial needs of college students interning at private fund managers and institutional investors through GWI’s Summer Intensive Program. To determine the grant recipient, PEWIN Foundation vetted multiple candidates against the criteria established by the Foundation’s mission. Members of the Private Equity Women Investor Network’s Steering Committee provided the initial contributions to launch the Foundation and funded the inaugural grant to GWI. The Foundation’s expanded fundraising efforts aim to increase future grants.

“It’s such an honor and privilege to work hand in hand with the esteemed organizations represented by members of the Private Equity Women’s Investment Network to increase representation within the industry,” said Katherine Jollon Colsher, President and CEO at Girls Who Invest. “We continue to see a strong interest in private equity from our scholars and alumni, and with PEWIN Foundation’s support, we’re excited to further support this interest and maximize our community’s impact within the space.”

The Foundation’s partnership with GWI comprises both near-term funding and long-term commitment to educating college women and non-binary individuals about private equity.

About the PEWIN Foundation. The PEWIN Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose volunteer leadership are members of the Private Equity Women’s Investor Network, the membership organization of senior women in private markets. The PEWIN Foundation’s mission aims to leverage the philanthropic power of women in private equity to advance gender equality and illuminate the impact of diversity across the financial services industry.

Mission-driven activities of the PEWIN Foundation will focus on supporting career development and education, economic equality, and entrepreneurship, under the brand, Powered by PEWIN.

About Girls Who Invest.

Girls Who Invest (GWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the investment management industry by attracting and advancing women investors, changemakers, and leaders. They are changing the face of investing through education, mentoring, internships, and a supportive, motivated community and have reached a community of nearly 2,000 alumni in just seven years.

GWI enables college students to explore investment management careers through its two tuition-free educational programs. The Summer Intensive Program combines in-residence academic training led by top university professors with a guaranteed paid internship at one of more than 100 leading investment management firms. The Online Intensive Program is self-directed and asynchronous, allowing independent learners the opportunity to master finance and investing fundamentals at their own pace from renowned training organizations.

The GWI Career Institute focuses on the long-term professional development, retention, and advancement of our alumni in investment management. GWI provides career advisory services, community building, and connections for our alumni at all stages in their careers.

Girls Who Invest’s vision is for 30% of the world’s investable capital to be managed by women by 2030.


Moby Thomas, CAO, PEWIN



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