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Peace education: A vaccine for the virus called war

By Saumyaa Jha

First of all, a big salute to all the HEROES around the world. Together we have united to win the fight against COVID-19. The year 2020 was a test for humanity and we have proven that we are super strong, super bold, and super resilient. One year has already almost passed, but losing hope was never an option nor will it ever be one in the future. We courageously accepted the challenge presented by this pandemic and now we are nearing victory.

My teacher has always inspired me to see the positive side of everything, to care for others, and to help others in need. That is what peace education has taught me. To all of you who are suffering from this pandemic, I want you to believe in yourselves. We all are with you. I am always there by your side. These dark days will surely come to an end and the sun will rise again. We were born to defeat our fears, and finally we are now in the position to make our fear our source of strength. We have made this fear into our greatest power. Let us continue to stand together and pray for each other.

Saumyaa Jha, United Academy Student, Kathmandu, Nepal

Together let us say, “We are the WINNERS.”

Of course, our continuous efforts will help us to win over this pandemic, but what about the other, more silent, pandemic that is even more dangerous than COVID-19?

Mankind has been suffering from this pandemic since long ago, and it has taken the lives of millions of people around the world. It has destroyed the property of trillions and has become the greatest obstacle in the process of development. Yes, I am talking about War. We must unite against this pandemic.

HWPL, an international organization, has already stepped forward towards the establishment of peace. Despite many ups and downs and various hurdles, I think it is the time to follow the guidelines prescribed by HWPL for peace and to support HWPL in achieving its goal.

HWPL provides peace education worldwide and I find myself lucky enough to experience the wonderful lessons of this peace education. I realize now how musical instruments work in harmony to provide us with beautiful tunes and how different vegetables work together to provide us with a healthy meal. I thought, if non-living things can work in harmony, then why can’t we as human beings? When I learned that the dung of just one elephant can produce 240,000 sheets of paper, which can save up to 240 trees, it greatly surprised me. This was the true turning point for me. So, I want all of us to experience peace education for a positive change in the world.

Peace education receives a complete thumbs up from me as it has taught me to be more calm, more positive, and more helpful. I was able to create a better version of my thoughts and change my way of thinking in a positive manner. Let us choose PEACE all together.



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