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Our Country is in chaos: Conclusion

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By Philip J. Pierre

Following the three-part series of my address as the political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), delivered at the annual conference of delegates (open session), October 13, 2019, the closed session of the party’s executive and national council participated in a poll held October 20.

The party’s delegates, via secret ballot, voted 303 – 3 thus expressing their confidence and my continued leadership. For the record. In 2018, the tally was 273 – 3; while in 2017 there was a vote of 263 –13.

I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Saint Lucia and remain committed to the ethos of the SLP: Bread – Justice – Freedom.

I am ready: Let’s move together to victory

Concluding my address at the open session, I did not pretend to have all the answers to Saint Lucia’s problems. This is unique from the prime minster who claims sheepishly to be “Delivering Southern Hope”, that “Patrimony is our credit rating,” and that he can solve crime, commission the Owen King European Union (OKEU) hospital and complete the re-construction of St Jude hospital, among other extravagant comments he pleasures.

In real and practical terms, I continue to serve admirable and offer the SLP and Saint Lucia a contrasting style of leadership that recognizes the value of humility, inclusiveness, and trust. I am prepared to engage the talent of my colleagues and the people of Saint Lucia to find solutions to the complex problems of our country. In these times effective leadership requires openness, collaboration, honesty and the desire to work diligently for the benefit of people and not for self-aggrandizement.

Saint Lucia is the only place I can call home. I have no other passport, but a vested interest to protect our beautiful island. I will not be deterred by the propaganda or the false utterings of a few doubters, pessimists and some cowards too afraid to openly confront this corrupt and uncaring government.

I stand on rock-solid ground, confident and assured that my love for people, years of experience as a management consultant, my fifteen years as a minister of government, responsible for important portfolios as a deputy prime minister and most importantly 20 uninterrupted years that the people of Castries East have entrusted in me as their parliamentary representative.

With God’s help and the support of the people of Saint Lucia; I am capable and ready to be the next prime minister of Saint Lucia.

I invite you to join me and the SLP in this journey and let’s together form a movement of men and women of goodwill ready to put an end to the scourge of nepotism, corruption, and callousness that has engulfed our beautiful country. I am ready. Are you ready?

Let’s move together to victory. Long live the people of Saint Lucia. Long live the Saint Lucia Labour Party, (SLP).

Comments following the closed session help October 20, that expressed confidence and renewed enthusiasm in Pierre and the SLP.

“I think it means that he has the vote behind him, and he is going to put in the rest of the machinery to ensure a win at the next elections. It is very clear to us that many of the SLP activists, many who have stayed on the side-lines a couple of years ago – they are returning and there seems to be growing confidence that political leader Pierre will lead the party to victory in the next elections,” Alva Jn Baptiste.

“It is very clear that there is a tremendous support for political leader Pierre; and that, he has consolidated his leadership of the party,” SLP chair Moses Jn Baptiste.




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