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Ottawa: This is how it is done!

Dear Sir

Canada’s reputation internationally has been damaged not by the many who protest before the parliament buildings, international bridges and cities of Canada, but by our “inept and coward” leaders.

We have seen Bill Blair, Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau, police chiefs of various Canadian cities throughout our nation pass the buck, point their fingers at others in an attempt to seemingly, “not face any accountability” for their actions or should I say inaction during this crisis.

The Bridge in Windsor and Ottawa are smack in Ontario, yet premier Ford says it’s a federal matter. Bill Blair seems to have placed decision making upon the respective cities police chiefs and mayors. What’s happened is a municipal and provincial matter, yet they all point to prime minister Trudeau, who alluded that the provinces needed to take charge of the situation.

Bill Blair was police chief in Toronto. He is now a federal minister. Doug Ford is fighting a provincial election, so the bad press will be damaging to his brand. Trudeau has just won an election and is supposedly supported by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP. Hence, he could have stood up and become a leader of the fight for justice law and order, fundamental to most Canadians.

Yet, most of the blame will fall upon city mayors and their police chiefs. Local heads will roll and fall, like the resignation of police chiefs in Ottawa and surely a mayor or two.

Our police certainly do their jobs. The fault lines should fall upon the police who the politicians rely upon for advice. The truck convoy to Ottawa should never have been allowed into the downtown core or even off the main highways they were travelling to Ottawa.

If an accident happens on a highway do the police not close all arterial roads onto the highway, redirecting the traffic away from the accident?

Ottawa’s police knew the convoy was coming days before it arrived. Perhaps inaction resulted in what we have today before our parliament building. We are told that politicians cannot influence the police, so seemingly, the mayor’s and police chiefs should bear the brunt of the blame.

Our police are perhaps far too worried about hurting others feelings or receiving the politicians’ displeasure. How do you deal with a protest like what’s happening in Ottawa?

Well, I know how to establish and grow a protest and how police will manage and make a protest disintegrate. Everything is centered upon the following:

Intelligence gathering. Every police objective is reliant upon intelligence. Ottawa has proven they have a lousy intelligence department, otherwise, the trucks would never have gotten to Ottawa in the first place. So they are there. What to do? Undercover officers must move among the protesters acting as though they sympathize and are a part of the movement.

Intelligence locates protests leaders, troublemakers and protesters who have elderly and children with them. One cannot make a move if you don’t have a plan.

Undercover officers cordon off those mentioned above; locating the innocent must protect and relocate them away from the assumed problem area. Friendly, wise persuasion often works. Should potential violence be feared officers will surround and protect the innocent.

Officers move towards and into the crowd. The intention is to slowly divide the mass away from the center. The appearance of uniformed officers often gives protesters a chance to re-evaluate their situation and leave. The police will try to find the core of hardliners who will not leave quietly.

Non-violence is always the word, after all, a fist usually gets a fist in return. Police are to be firm but friendly at all times. Persuasion always trumps unneeded force.

Leaders innocents must be isolated and protected. The police must begin to dismantle any permanent structures ASAP, to dissuade the return of protesters.

Should initial violence happen, it may be from a group. Remember the police are to be determined but friendly. Always nice and polite until action is needed. The protection of the population is always of prime concern.

If there is fear that some protesters may have hidden weapons the police may station snipers in key area’s, whose job is to view the crowd and relay intelligence. The use of drones will be very useful. These are used in Britain and the EU. Ottawa police should have such advanced technology.

With the emergency law passed in Ottawa this week, power comes with great responsibilities.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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