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Ongoing warfare in the Middle East

Dear Sir

Iran and Israel are conducting direct military attacks which could escalate into a major regional war and potentially impact US military forces in the Middle East.

Other attacks on Israel are instigated by militias in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza, and the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7, 2023, epitomizes the situation facing Israel.

The animosity and violence in the Middle East are attributable to religious differences and hatred between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Additionally, there is the hatred of the Israeli Jews by many Arabs, and the Arab characterization of Christians and Jews as infidels.

There are the remnants of the Syrian Civil War abetted by Russia; and the ongoing conflict between the Kurds of Iraq and Syria with Turkey.

The Sunni-dominated countries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain are wary of Shiite Iran and its proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza. These Sunni-dominated countries will not provide any assistance to Iran in its confrontations with Israel.

In fact, the Sunni-dominated countries probably clandestinely provide intelligence support to Israel in its confrontations with the Shiite entities.

The Sunni countries look upon Israel as a buffer country in the Middle East that can blunt the impact of Iran and their Iraqi, Lebanese and Gaza militias.

Israel is a US ally in a very strategic location in the oil-rich Middle East, and we also consider it a blocking force against Iran and its proxies. Iran refers to Israel as the “Little Satan” and America as the “Great Satan.”

Moreover, the Suez Canal is a maritime choke point to be safeguarded.

The United States and other democratic countries have to continue to provide military funding to support Israel in its confrontations with Iran and its proxies, or any other adversaries that evolve in the Middle East. Let us not forget Iran and Syria are allied with Russia. We currently have strategic military bases in the Middle East with thousands of troops and their equipment ready for action.

Unfortunately, the recent brutal attack on Israel by Hamas and the vast death and destruction wrought by Israel in Gaza significantly set back peace in the Middle East. The hatred in the Middle East is ingrained in the soul of the populations.

The world should be prepared for ongoing wars in the Middle East.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH



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