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OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix celebrates Caribbean American Heritage Month

– The company launches its ‘Celebrate the Caribbean’ campaign as it champions Caribbean entrepreneurship in the US.

NEW YORK, USA – “Let’s celebrate the richness of the Caribbean.” This is the focus of the new OKO River brand as it joins the nation in celebrating the Caribbean’s indelible impact on food, business, and culture in the United States.

The company plans to ‘Celebrate the Caribbean’ all summer long with the introduction of brand-new recipes, collaborations, and customer promotions. Acknowledging the Caribbean’s ingenuity and innovation is a big part of the brand’s core values because the product’s unique recipe is Caribbean inspired.

Food and entrepreneurship are a big part of the diaspora community, with many Caribbean immigrants setting up successful businesses throughout the United States. Despite the many challenges that immigrants typically face, the Caribbean diaspora has made incredible strides and continues to contribute to the US economy while also contributing to their families back home.

Created by an under-30 female entrepreneur with Caribbean roots, the OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix is a testament to the innovation that comes from drawing on one’s past and heritage. The unique gluten-free recipe originates from Guyana, where, like many other places in the Caribbean, it is a common tradition to use sweet potato and other root vegetables to make flour.

The resulting product is a complete cake mix that produces a cake reminiscent of the traditional Caribbean sponge cake, but made with 100 percent sweet potato flour and other all-natural ingredients–all in one box!

The idea to use sweet potato flour in a cake mix began as a project to get the many health benefits of sweet potatoes, which are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, manganese, vitamins B5 and B6, outside of their use in traditional sweet potato pie and as a side dish. Another great thing about the product is that it contains no preservatives, gums, or other types of ‘flours’ typically used in gluten-free products; it is a complete mix made up of all the traditional dry ingredients for sponge cake, all in a single box.

Customer feedback and demand for the product have been overwhelming, with stocks selling out very quickly. The artisanal production method ensures that the product’s quality remains the same with each batch. The company is currently allowing customers to pre-order to ensure that they get a chance to get their hands on the product before it is once again sold out.

In addition to its great taste and use of clean ingredients, a big part of the product’s success is the tremendous support it receives from the Caribbean-American community. There is high demand for more natural products, especially with the high rates of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases prevalent among the Caribbean diaspora population.

As more consumers try to make healthier swaps in their diets they want products that have the same taste and texture as their favourite foods, so they don’t feel like they are giving up too much of who they are to be healthy. People also want products that are easy to use, full of nutrients but not full of preservatives. OKO River’s Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix can satisfy all of these requirements.

To pre-order and learn more about OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix check out OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix manufactured in New York State from a simple recipe that originated in Guyana, South America.

At OKO River our credo is “EAT CLEAN, LIVE WELL” and this product stays true to that.



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