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Notion Acquires Cron, the Next-Generation Calendar

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Notion, the collaboration software company, announced today the acquisition of Cron, a next-generation calendar for professionals and teams. Beloved by many, Cron was recently named the Product Hunt Productivity App of the Year. In its mission to make software toolmaking ubiquitous, Notion will leverage Cron’s experience building beautiful products and expertise in how people organize time.

Both Cron and Notion share a sense of craft and an overlapping base of passionate users. Although Notion’s product is asynchronous, synchronous tools like video and messaging are powerful too – and time is the bridge between the two. One of the most popular ways the Notion community uses Notion is to organize their time. Notion is where you keep your life and work organized, and now Cron will be where you keep your day on track.

“At Notion, our mission is to make software toolmaking ubiquitous,” said Ivan Zhao, Notion’s co-founder and CEO. “Time is a fundamental layer of software and our daily workflows. Last year I switched to Cron for my calendaring and was so impressed by the craft behind this product. I’m super excited to see Notion and Cron come together to bridge synchronous and asynchronous work, and help people collaborate more easily on whatever is most important to them.”

“Time is one of the most valuable things we have in our lives. And for many of us, calendar software is how we interact with our time,” said Raphael Schaad, Cron’s founder and CEO. “I’m originally from Switzerland and have always been fascinated with timepieces. With Cron, we set out to build the next-generation calendar for professionals and teams. We want to move the world closer to a place where everyone makes the most of their time. That vision and what our users love about Cron Calendar will remain, but with Notion, we’ll be able to integrate meeting notes and tasks much more seamlessly. I personally use Cron and Notion side by side every day and am excited about building the defining software for the workplace of the future.”

Raphael and the Cron team are joining Notion today. Cron will continue as a separate app as Notion and Cron build a shared vision and brand.



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