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Meeks, Smith, Himes opposes partisan Republican Israeli supplemental 

Representatives Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Adam Smith, Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee; and Jim Himes, Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following joint statement opposing the partisan Republican proposal to provide Israel a security supplemental in exchange for rescinding the Internal Revenue Service’s funding:

“House Democrats have been ready and willing for weeks to meet the national security needs of the American people and provide Israel and Ukraine with the necessary resources to defend themselves. The partisan Israel-only supplemental offered by extreme Republicans fails to meet the urgency of this moment or confront the numerous other challenges facing the United States, and friends and allies around the world. Unfortunately, our new House Speaker has decided to break with a long history of bipartisan emergency aid packages.

“President Biden has articulated the critical importance of helping to assure Israel’s security while continuing to assist the Ukrainian people as they head into another winter of war, where they continue to suffer extensive civilian casualties and atrocities perpetrated by Vladimir Putin’s invading forces. The plan put forth by President Biden not only provides support for friends and allies, but also for critical humanitarian aid and assistance to civilians in Gaza and other conflict zones, and invests billions in our industrial base.

“While House Democrats and bipartisan leaders in the U.S. Senate are prepared to work together to simultaneously confront these challenges, House Republicans stand in isolation, trying to irresponsibly condition aid while Israel fights for its very existence, and ignoring our moral and strategic imperative to help prevent a deepening of the humanitarian crisis and the further spread of conflict.

“As the White House has noted, the Israel-only supplemental would create a dangerous precedent by demanding poison pill riders in return for meeting our national security needs. Moreover, the concessions Republicans are seeking are not in the interests of American workers and the middle class, nor will they address the deficit. Rather, the proposal put forward by Republicans would further enrich billionaires and add to the national debt by slashing IRS funding, allowing the wealthiest of Americans to avoid paying their fair share.

“Republicans must not waste any more time playing politics with our national security interests and the needs of allies and partners. The survival of the State of Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan are at stake. We reject this partisan bill – which the White House has already pledged to veto -and urge our colleagues to resume the important work of defending the American people, allies, and friends.”



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