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Lessons emanating from School Shootings

Dear Sir

The shooting in Uvalde Texas shows the need to restrict the sale of assault weapons to just the military and police. The shooting revealed numerous factors that contributed to the massacre, including warning signs that were missed on social media, the school was not secured, and the police showed ineptitude in doing their job.

Somehow, social media posts should be monitored for potential shooter comments, and people should report these warning signs to authorities.

Schools should have entrances reinforced and locked, and only one entrance should be used. Alarm systems should be installed on all entrances except the main entrance. Weaponizing and training a few teachers/administrators should be evaluated.

Why wasn’t the Uvalde school police officer in the school at the time of the shooting?

Twenty Texas police officers seemingly stood in a hallway outside the Uvalde school classrooms for 48 minutes waiting for a tactical police force to arrive. During the 48 minutes, students made 911 calls while sporadic shots were heard in the classrooms.

These officers should have shot open the door and broken windows to confront the shooter. Local police officers should not be waiting for tactical support in a situation like this, but should immediately stop the shooter.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH



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