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It’s time for a new united regional nation of the Caribbean

Dear Sir

My proposition is for a ‘New Nation comprising all Caribbean Nations’ which would become provinces/states of the greater whole. A united, powerful Caribbean nation that can work for itself, develop and protect itself.

The moment requires a distinct and necessary moment in time – a group that must unite and facilitate the Confederacy itself for its protection and management. For the Caribbean, that time is now. A United Caribbean, a New United Nations.

Most superpowers look upon the Caribbean nations as ports of call, places to hide their money and send their tourists to. China, America, Britain, France, and the Arab World manage to control much of the Islands’ infrastructure, ports, and hotels and have undue influence upon the Caribbean political realities.

Haiti is a perfect example!

Abused by colonialists like France; their independence brought only oppression, tyranny and exploitation from the international community’s financial sector. Now, their capital is overrun by gangsters and villains. Haitians need to bring the island under control.

Kenyan soldiers in Haiti?

The Caribbean can outwit and overcome all its political and security needs as a united force. The job of protecting a Caribbean nation’s, protecting its citizens must fall into the hands of a United Caribbean Confederation, not foreigner-influenced.

Combining the region’s wealth, international influence, police and military capabilities, a United Caribbean can make do without the undue influences of China, America and other political-financial vultures.

Like Quebec, the Caribbean must protect its culture, natural resources, population and future development from the international manipulation that it has experienced for hundreds of years.

Enslavement comes in many forms and it does not matter who the slave traders are, be it financial-political colonists, China expansionists, American capitalists or European adventurists.

A United Caribbean stands a better chance of working together for its own benefit, and not the benefit of old-time exploiters and abusers. Building a wealthy and prosperous region lies in determination.

Americans, France, China and others care first about their needs, not those of Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana or the Caribbean region.

A United Caribbean can survive and develop its future economic and political challenges.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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