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Is St Lucia broke or broken? And by whom?

By Denys Springer

Prime minister Allen Chastanet of Saint Lucia was clear and concise when he appeared on television October 11. He said with a straight face “Saint Lucia is broke, we have no more money”. This paints a picture of his stewardship, Cabinet, and cronies.

However, an article in a favourable newspaper to the Chastanet-led administration carried the headline: I never said the country was broke.– PM Allen Chastanet. My Collins English dictionary clearly says that ‘broke’ means “having no money”. The government video link online affirms – “Saint Lucia is broke – we have no more money.” No amount of News Spin or Allen Spin can change that.

However, I remember my good old days at St Mary’s College when I did Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – Mark Anthony’s speech, when he came into the coliseum and saw the body of his friend lying on the ground with several stabs wounds on his body and immediately the analogy came to mind as though it was Saint Lucia lying there and what came to mind was Mark Anthony’s word when he uttered: “O pardon me thou bleeding peace of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers” (those in cabinet). Thou art the ruins of the most beautiful and pristine land in the Caribbean. “A curse shall light upon the limbs of the men and women in this present Cabinet and without a doubt they will come to realize that domestic fury and fierce civil strife shall cumber all parts of the country even in the United Workers Party (UWP) stronghold.”

Mark Anthony went on to say that “blood and destruction shall be so in use and dreadful objects so familiar that mothers will be a smile when they bold their infants quarters of war (in our Saint Lucia case – civil disobedience) all pity choke and custom of fell deeds” and Saint Lucian spirit ranging for revenge with ate by her side come not from hell but with clarion men and women groaning for burial.

Saint Lucia has become the laughingstock of the Caribbean. Alarmed and shocked by the words uttered by prime minister Chastanet. More damaging is the reaction from financiers, investors, the diaspora, and visitors alike, are shocked that a prime minister could utter such words to its people, unapologetic and without the words, I hereby resign.

Simply put, I do not think the prime minister understands the verisimilitude of the words uttered, however true, dampens the spirit of the country that he leads. The shenanigan is diabolical, believing the naïve of a much acclaimed ‘phony’ prime minister.

A rejoinder to the prime minister is a comment by a young girl who said: “Mummy, Mummy, did you hear the country is broke, where has all our money gone?

The writing has been on the wall looking back at narratives of a salesman – a product of Canada, looking for a buyer for his product, a loss leader (Desert Star Holdings, (DSH) and door crashers, OJO labs, botch Citizenship by Investment (CIP), National Economic Fund and the Hewanorra International Development Airport (HIA) lockbox.

The financial outlook for the country has been bleak all along, masked by glossy products, sham details, and failed authors. Now we know just how Saint Lucia is broke or broken? And by whom? A spendthrift prime minister supported by a Cabinet of ‘lap-dogs’ and the control of ‘Poodles’.

Consider the related 2020/21 budget links:

The Chastanet-led government in Saint Lucia is inept with no strategic plan. Their policy making has been to hibernate with the dictator rule the roost.

At the current rate of expenditure, borrowing and false promises it is apparent that Saint Lucia is heading for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, via the International Monetary Fund (IMF). COVID-19 and dengue have thrown caution to the wind. Saint Lucians are dying; the economy is stalled and there is no money to cover the medical staff. The Cubans medical brigade cannot help, the prime ministers’ US friend is watching, unattractive to their combine demise.

I do not envy Philip Pierre taking over the mantle of prime minister, following the general elections. There are messy situations everywhere you turn. Nevertheless, where there is a will, preparation and support the mission is not impossible. However, swift, and decisive decision making is mandatory from day one, as did Barbados and Guyana, to restore respect, honour and national pride.

Time is not on your side prime minister Chastanet. The only thing left is to ask for forgiveness meaningfully, with the blessing of Roman Catholic archbishop of the Archdiocese of Castries in Saint Lucia, Robert Rivas, and bow out with the party hacks that have the gall to defend, however shameless. All rights restrained.



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