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Iran close to making nuclear weapons

Dear Sir

It appears Iran is close to having enough enriched uranium to produce nuclear weapons.

The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) carries out routine inspections of Iran’s declared atomic facilities. It recently reported Iran has enough uranium for several nuclear weapons, which could be produced in a matter of a few weeks.

Iran purchased 300 tons of refined uranium from Niger. Iran has enriched its uranium stockpile to 60 percent, and it can continue the enrichment process to the weapons-grade level of 90 percent.

The IAEA believes Iran might have secret facilities producing enriched uranium for nuclear devices at undeclared locations where uranium particles have been detected.

If Iran produces nuclear weapons Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries, will probably rush to produce their nuclear weapons.

Israel, who Iran calls the Little Satan (US is called the Great Satan), will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, and it will surely try to destroy them. The potential for a major war could be triggered by Iran producing nuclear weapons.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH 



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