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Inadequate US defense budget

Dear Sir

Our proposed defense budget of $842 billion, which is 3 percent of GDP, does not meet our national security needs when facing an expansionist Russia in Europe; China’s buildup and threats in the Pacific; North Korea’s war-like attitude towards South Korea; and Iran’s moves in the Middle East. We should be spending 6 to 7 percent of our GDP on defense, and should increase the proposed budget to $892 billion.

The Army needs another 20 brigade combat teams, including infantry, armored and stryker units; and combat aviation brigades. This will help it to deter our adversaries and conduct potential combat operations in Europe, the Middle East and the Southeast Pacific. Our Air Force needs more stealth bombers, and it must increase the inventory of fighters, bombers, tankers, and airlift aircraft.

The Navy has 298 active ships, including 11 carrier strike groups, and needs another 100 ships, including two carrier strike groups, to meet minimum requirements to protect our sea power, patrol the oceans and conduct naval wartime operations. The Marine Corps needs another five infantry battalions, and another five fixed-wing squadrons. Additionally, we have to restock our ammunition inventory which has been depleted due to the commitment to Ukraine.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH 



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