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I-nvention launches pre-rolled joint with patented Carbon filter, De Cone + 

DELFT, Netherlands –  With the introduction of The Cone +, the Dutch I-nvention is responding to the growing global trend to smoke cannabis as pure as possible, and the Cone + makes it possible. The pre-rolled Cone + joint, in which consumers can put cannabis, comes standard with a patented CTIP ™ carbon filter.

This cone-shaped filter contains high-quality activated carbon made from natural coconut shells, which filters out the bad things but not the good things people are looking for. The typical natural taste experience and the perception of natural cannabis seems to be enhanced after filtering.

Moreover, the innovation drastically softens the sharp taste of cannabis, without compromising the desired components. The typical taste experience and the perception of natural cannabis appears to be enhanced after filtering.

I-nvention speaks of a real innovation in the cannabis market. The Cone + is a logical continuation of the successful introduction of the CTIP filter, used for manual rolling, launched a year ago by the company.

The CTIP has a unique cone-shaped recyclable aluminum housing containing activated carbon, and we all know what properties active carbon has, namely filtering undesirable components. Cannabis connoisseurs today are very aware of their health. The trend is that consumers wisely put less or no tobacco in a joint, but smoke also contains undesirable components when burned. The Ctip filter removes the undesirable components as much as possible. Says Cash, chief executive officer of I-nvention .

The company has designed the filter cone-shaped so that consumers can make a joint with it more easily. The pre-rolled The Cone + has the CTIP filter as standard and the consumer or supplier only needs to add cannabis. Based on the successful introduction of the CTIP filter, I-nvention says millions of “cannabis connoisseurs” around the world will come to appreciate and utilize the new invention.

I-nvention is an innovative design and manufacturing company with headquarters in Delft and divisions in China and Indonesia. The company specializes in innovation in the cannabis retail market. I-nvention became famous when it invented the world’s first electronic joint in 2014.



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