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Honduran secretary of defense visits Soto Cano Air Base

By Maria Pinel

Soto Cano Air Base, HONDURAS – Honduran secretary of defense José Manuel Zelaya, visited Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, May 24 to know more about Joint Task Force-Bravo and Army Support Activity capabilities, and how the US military works with local forces and personnel on the Honduran installation.

During the visit, the secretary of defense toured the installation to know more about Army Support Activity’s logistical support to the task force and tenant units, and how the base operates as a shared military facility.

US Army Col Carl Hennemann, ASA commander, briefed the Honduran leader on how the base employs a large Honduran workforce, strengthening regional economic opportunities and how both ASA and JTF-Bravo partner with local civil and military organizations to strengthen capabilities and partnerships.

During JTF-Bravo’s brief, Col. Gventer discussed the different outreach programs the Task Force and the US Southern Command support to enhance regional security and stability as they seek new opportunities to work together to benefit the people of Honduras. Gventer also discussed how the Task Force has been a long-standing partner to Honduras and Central America in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.

During his visit, Secretary Zelaya stated that Honduras and the US maintain a strong relationship and will continue working together to enhance security efforts, female inclusivity within the Honduran armed forces and the professionalization of the Honduran NCO corps.



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