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Has COVID-19 ‘back-door’ narrative hit home?

Dear Sir

The Gods of truth has a way of communication to us lest we misunderstand. First, it was a ‘Sandals confession’ now it is revealed that “national security minister, Senator Hermangild Francis grandson was among five individuals rescued at sea earlier this week, during an attempt to come into Saint Lucia from Martinique on November 24.”

Interesting … “rescued at sea” … during COVID-19 enhance restrictions and an embargo on fisherfolk and fishing vessels at a time when the government, law enforcement and health officials keep pushing the #backdoor narrative is responsible for COVID-19 community spread.

Is the government of Saint Lucia communicating in gibberish to the God of manipulation?

“In Greek mythology, Dolos (or the Latin spelling Dolus) is the spirit of trickery and guile. He is a master at cunning deception, craftiness, and treachery.” Veritas – Wikipedia.

According to national security minister, Hermangild: “I don’t have anything much to say, I know for a fact his mom called me very frantic and tell me that her son was in Martinique I had no idea he was in Martinique and he had asked her for some top-up.

“She sent him the top up and was in contact with him and then he insisted he was coming to Saint Lucia, she advised him against it but he did his own thing.”

“I am not going to get involved with whatever action that will be taken against him, he has to stand on his own,” Francis said.

Nice to hear that, living in a country where the prime minister and his administration attitude of ignorance, perhaps comply with “the truth is what you believe the truth to be”.

The bad news, most Saint Lucians’ know otherwise, even before the truth reveals itself at sea or on land.

And let’s not talk about “not receive [ing] special treatment”. In Saint Lucia, it is who you know and what is possible. On top or under the table, in addition to the influence of the brotherhood and sisterhood.

To be fair, the laws of justice is fragmented. A visit to the Bordelais Correctional Facility, commonly known as the 40-star hotel, provides an alternate reality. Meantime, the rumour-meal of white-collar criminals roam the halls of government and make policy decisions that govern our daily lives.

This is Saint Lucia where we are happy with some corrupt politicians and their acolytes’ daily denials on COVID-19, caught up in the tourism enclave: “Let her inspire you”!


Monica Fevrier

P.S. “The ministry of health and wellness today Friday, November 27, 2020, received confirmation of eight new cases of COVID-19. The total number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in country to date is 246. All of today’s cases are Saint Lucian nationals. These new cases now bring the number of active cases currently in country to 135.”



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