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Hackers dream must end

Dear Sir

A newspaper I work with was hacked a few weeks ago. They lost three months of work and need to start anew. This form of attack, an assault upon us all is becoming very commonplace and unfortunately being accepted as a part of doing business these days. It should certainly be not acceptable, and in fact, outrage each and every one of us.

Citizens, businesses small and large, governmental level departments, hospitals and information facilities around the world are under attack and our governments seem to be doing nothing about it.

Culprits or what I’d like to call “The Axis of Computer Kidnapping” make up an interesting group. Russia, China, North Korea, Nigeria and other nations use hackers as a means of attacking their enemies, political opponents, national adversaries, and others.

Rumours have it that Western Nations also play at this game too. The West use hackers as tools of offensive retribution when an axis nation attacks someone. The Axis uses their hackers as a means to raise funds, steal from the west to pay for the rich lifestyles of their elites.

Cutting the electricity of a hospital or holding their computer system hostage for a few hours or days, or stealing the credit card numbers and identities of millions of cardholders seems like something you can call war like yes?

Are these nations of the axis committing strategic assaults on the security of nations, and if so why are we not threatening these pariah states with a surgical strike of our own?

Attack Russia, China or North Korea militarily?

No, not at all. Prove who is sponsoring these hacker groups, and then put viable embargo upon these nations, individuals and groups. Anyone support them, put them on the list too. These people only understand one thing, that is money, and if you take it from them, they may become less belligerent. The West and its government officials are far too passive these days.

Where’s James Bond when you need the agent?

Do to them, as they do to you. Tooth for a tooth I say. I don’t need cheap Chinese stuff, nor Russian Caviar or Brandy. North Korea, what do they make? Oh yah, they ship their poverty-stricken people to Siberia as slave’s to work in Russia’s Gulag. That is who we are dealing with folks. Slave traders, governmental Mafia and in China’s case ethnic cleansing thugs. What do these monsters want? To steal our money?

The only good axis power, to my way of thinking, is no axis power. Just as Jake in the Blues Brothers exclaimed … “I hate New Jersey Nazi’s”, so do I despise thugs, thieves and pimps. That is what we are dealing with.

How do you deal with empowered criminals? You find them, you arrest them and incarcerate them. They find protection in axis nations, well then you go old school on these bastards.

Stop trying to build a perfect firewall or a computer system that cannot be hacked. Cannot be done. Deal with our enemies in the way of old Chicago, “where they put one of our boys in the hospital, we put one of theirs in the morgue”(untouchables).

Demand from your credit agencies, health systems and governments full protection from these ruffians. Demand your government representative to do everything possible to stop these people. I hope we do not experience a nation threatening event like closing down our power grids, making planes fall from the sky or having a few Patriot Missiles leave their silo’s and attach innocent people in mass. That is how bad it can be. No doubt the government has had such events happen and kept it quiet.

To our governments I say, adequacy in your efforts to protect us is no standard at all. Excel in your efforts. You need to succeed in your efforts to stop these hacks, these assaults of greed and criminality.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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