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Guyana terminates bilateral agreement with Taiwan

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Ontario – Less than 24 hours of the announcement that Taiwan had established a presents in Guyana and agreed to set-up a Taiwan office in Guyana, the epicentre of CARICOM 15 Member States and five associate members, the government of Guyana termination the agreement Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Taiwan establishes a Bureau in Guyana

Guyana’s minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Hugh Todd, cited “miscommunication” as the decision to terminate the agreement, added: “The government of Guyana has noted various media releases on the matter of a Taiwan Office in Guyana. The government of Guyana wishes to clarify that it continues to adhere to the One China policy and its diplomatic relations remain intact with the People’s Republic of China. The government has not established any diplomatic ties or relations with Taiwan and as a result of the miscommunication of the agreement signed, this agreement has since been terminated.”

Reportedly, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, on Thursday commanded Guyana to abide by its ‘one China’ principle, refrain from any form of official exchanges and establishment of official institutions with Taiwan, take concrete actions to correct the error and eliminate the negative effects.”

This “miscommunication” may have also caught the US embassy in Guyana who previously stated: “The United States applauds the agreement to establish a Taiwan office in Guyana. Deepening ties between Guyana and Taiwan will advance their shared goals of prosperity and security. Closer ties with Taiwan will advance cooperation and development in Guyana on the basis of shared democratic values, transparency, and mutual respect.”

This situation gives intensification to the geo-politics of the Caribbean and may require the Biden administration to review the Taipei Act.

Meantime, a communiqué from the department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, said, Taiwan expresses deep regret at Guyana’s termination of agreement to mutually establish office, reads:

“The ministry of foreign affairs expresses deep regret at the unilateral decision by the government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to terminate a bilateral agreement with Taiwan on the mutual establishment of offices, less than 24 hours after the accord was announced. The government of Taiwan is disappointed that despite multiple efforts, Guyana did not change its decision made under pressure from the Chinese government. 

“Taiwan expresses its deepest displeasure and condemnation at the Chinese government for resorting again to bullying tactics to suppress Taiwan’s international presence and deny the Taiwanese people the right to participate in international affairs. The Chinese government’s relentless efforts to isolate Taiwan in the international arena contradict its leader’s recent declaration that “the strong should not bully the weak” and “decision should not be made by simply showing off strong muscles or waving a big fist.” By saying one thing and doing another, the Chinese government further exposes its malevolent nature and deepens the chasm between the peoples on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

“The Republic of China (Taiwan) is an independent and sovereign country. Its people have the right to engage in meaningful exchanges and foster relations with other countries, as well as participate in international organizations and activities. To ensure Taiwan’s survival and development, Taiwan’s diplomats will continue to work diligently and persistently to expand Taiwan’s international participation and presence, thereby safeguard its national dignity and interests.”



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