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Grow the best tomatoes in truly healthy soil with true organic

CALIFORNIA, USA – Plucking plump, juicy tomatoes from the garden is one of the greatest joys of summer. When it’s time to slice up the successful varieties and drizzle them with olive oil and salt or let them do the talking in fresh salads and pastas, it is, in short, heaven. But a bountiful tomato harvest must always begin with a healthy, ripe tomato – and that starts with healthy soil nourished by natural fertilizer.

Over its 20 years in business, True Organic Products has become the worldwide leader in organic fertilizer, founded and run by a family on a mission to set the precedent for how food is grown. Each bag is chock-full of key nutrients with an ideal pH and carefully formulated so that the microbiome of nearby plants, animals and humans are healed, and not harmed by common toxic additives or fillers. With its recent expansion into fertilizer for consumers (not just commercial and wholesale growers), True Organic’s Tomato & Vegetable Food is making it easy to have the best tomato season ever.

How important is fertilizer for growing tomatoes?

Very! Tomatoes are considered heavy feeders, which means they absorb lots of their nutrients from the soil and require a higher amount to reach their optimal levels Just like people, every plant needs a set of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to stay healthy. If not, they likely won’t sprout, bloom, or grow to their full potential. True Organic is the

only organic line of fertilizer with an ISO 22000 food safety certification for safer edible gardening. It’s trusted by the top organic growers to raise beautiful, healthy harvests because of its nutrient-dense, food-grade ingredients and now home gardeners can too.

What are the ideal conditions for summer’s favorite fruit?

1. Well drained and slightly acidic soil (6.2 to 6.8 pH level).

2. Heat and direct sunlight (if you’ve planted your tomatoes and the weather gets below 60 degrees F, keep them insulated with a fabric row cover or sheets. This will help them keep warm from the soil and create a microenvironment to promote lots of growth).

3. Don’t overwater or over-fertilize – a little True Organic goes a long way!

4. Give the plants space so they’re not too crowded and have room to grow.



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