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Global IT skills certification program lowers prices in more than 140 countries

TORONTO, Canada – Linux Professional Institute (LPI), producer of the world’s largest Open Source Software certification, has lowered its prices globally to help people get high-demand IT jobs.

Starting in 2022 LPI is dropping prices for its certification exams by as much as 42 percent, to make its programs more accessible in developing economies. These reductions are based on the UNDP Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI), reflecting LPI’s mission-based objectives to make careers in this field as accessible as possible.

“As many people around the world re-evaluate their career paths because of COVID-19 and other factors, we’re redoubling our efforts to reduce barriers to finding a career in this field,” said LPI executive director Matthew Rice. “This means re-evaluating our pricing regularly, and adjusting them as needed to more closely resemble local economic conditions.”

Pricing has been adjusted for all of LPI’s exams, including the entry-level “Linux Essentials” and the job-ready “LPIC-1” system administration program. They are available worldwide and supported by a global network of more than 500 partners.

The adoption of the IHDI, new for 2022, had led to the readjustment of prices, leading to significant price decreases on five continents.

Examples of the most significant decreases are:

South Africa (-42%)
Guatemala (-41%)
India (-36%)
Brazil (-25%)
China (-7%)

In all, more than 140 countries and territories had prices reduced and 40 were unchanged, Another 40 – mostly in wealthier economies in Asia and small island territories – had increases of less than 10 percent to bring them in line with the IHDI.

“Especially during a period of global inflation, we are always looking for and considering ways to make open source knowledge and skills verification as accessible as possible to everyone. Adjusting our exam pricing in this manner is an important part in achieving this goal,” said Rice.

Created in 1999, LPI is the world’s largest certification body testing skills in Linux and Open Source Software, which runs most of the world’s largest websites and cloud platforms. To date, it has certified more than half a million professionals in more than 180 countries and territories, with exams in multiple languages.



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