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Fence-Sitters: The opportunists are surfacing in St Lucia

Dear Sir

You can foretell that election is near, the fence-sitting opportunists are surfacing. They are among us but seemly not in tune with prevailing realities, they go about their business totally oblivious to the trials and tribulations of others.

Some of them are referred to as ‘the best brains in Saint Lucia’ or ‘the bright ones’. Some served as ministers of government and legal counsellors in previous administrations, while others served in the highest levels of various governmental departments.

But as prominent as they are or claim to be in society they refuse to step out of their comfort zones to opine on issues affecting the citizenry daily, on issues such as the National Insurance Corporation (NIC), government excessive spending, struggles of the poor and dispossessed, the loss of many jobs due to COVID-19, looming bankruptcies, the exchange of salary for government bonds – the promised but yet to materialize financial stimulus, the promised but yet to be realized suspension of utility bills payments, etc.

Instead, “the best brains in Saint Lucia’ or ‘the bright ones’ write articles almost daily on social media on matters unrelated to the above prevailing situations.

They write about pre and post COVID-19, climate change, the economic recovery of Saint Lucia, the international impact of COVID-19, constitutional reform, etc, and make comments claiming authority on subject matters completely outside their professional training and ambit. These days they are busy forming new groups purporting to advance the cause of Saint Lucians.

Everyone has the privilege to write on any topic of their choosing, but to be considered ‘the best brains’ among us makes it inconceivable not to find relevant material presently affecting our nation to write or speak on. I can only conclude that they are fence-sitters, all about self-promotion.

They talk a good talk but have a wobbly walk. Accordingly, I have no choice but to call them out for what they are – BLOODY FENCE-SITTERS.

They are the type who try desperately to find favour with multiple political sides. They always want to appear to be impartial no matter how grave the situation is. They will not point a direct accusatory finger at the political perpetrators of corruption, maladministration, incompetence, etc.

Those fence-sitters are afraid to call a spade a spade for fear of repercussions or reprisals. Their sole priority is to position themselves close to several political pork barrels. Very often, rather than single out a politician or political party wrongdoing when merited, instead use idioms such as, “both parties are guilty of it” or “they are all the same” and that “successive governments made the same mistakes”.

Those fence-sitters stand for nothing. They blow hot and cold air all at once. They speak from both sides of their mouth.

Those fence-sitters are always on Facebook and other media using vague nondescript long and boring irrelevant topics to make a point for self-promotion. However, surprisingly, when you meet them outside of Facebook – face to face – they instantly mutate into angry political critics or activists.

I have no time for your type … you cowards.

Arthur Neptune



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