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Fall in Love with K-Seafood

SINGAPORE – K·FISH are collaborating with SL Foods to bring the freshest and highest quality of Korean frozen seafood products just within a click, through a campaign called Fall in Love with K-Seafood.

In conjunction with the newly launched Korean seafood products by SL Foods, a few products such as Korean Eomuk (fishcake), processed arkshell / cockle products, frozen oysters, marinated crabs and many more will be introduced to Singapore, and there will be a promotion going online.” We are proud to introduce the distinctive taste of Korean seafood to the Singaporean and we look forward to see the market’s response towards these quality Korean seafood products, Korea has a lot of these potential products that we think Singaporean would fall in love with,” said managing director of K·FISH, Lee Dong Jun.

During the snowy Winters in Korea, there are these nice hot and steamy fishcake skewer along the street set up in those roadside stalls called “Pojangmacha”, the Korean Fishcake trace back to 100 years of history. Now, it is available all year round in Singapore.

For people who fancies some chewy arkshell/cockle products, they can try the arkshell / cockle from Korea. The main region that produces arkshell / cockle are from Beolgyo and up to 80 percent are produced there. Beolgyo arkshell / cockle has find its way to Singapore now.

In Korea, they usually call a certain type of dish that makes people finish bowls of rice without realizing as “Bab do-dok”, which literally translates to “rice stealer”. Marinated crab is exactly that type of dish as it goes so well with rice that people will end up finishing a few bowls of rice without realizing. There are the salty and savoury soy sauce marinated crab as well as the spicy seasoned marinated crab for people to choose. These products made with crabs harvested at a certain season is now available in Singapore for all to enjoy as well.

The promotion runs from October 28, 2020, till November 24, 2020 on Redmart Lazada. Look up for the K·FISH banner in Redmart’s Frozen Category. The banner is visible when you hover over to the Frozen Category.

Click HERE to find the promotion products on Lazada.

K·FISH is a national export brand by the ministry of oceans and fisheries South Korea. Products labeled K·FISH are products that has went through meticulous inspections by the Korean government to ensure that products exported out from South Korea are of best quality and safe to consume.

K·FISH Kuala Lumpur Seafood Trade Support Center located in Kuala Lumpur is one of the ten support centers around the globe that its purpose is to aid local Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia importers interested in Korean seafood products. They are ready to serve and provide help to any Singapore importers that are interested in importing Korean seafood products.



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