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Embracing inclusion: Taiwan collaborates with global partners to pave the way for a net-zero future

By Director General Jin-Ling Chen

The urgent alarms sounded by UN Secretary-General António Guterres regarding the rapid melting of Antarctic ice underscore the gravity of the global climate crisis. He emphasized, connects the consequences of Antarctic ice melting to global challenges, showcasing the interconnected nature of our world. Therefore, Taiwan should not face exclusion but instead be welcomed as an active participant on the global stage. Taiwan is eager to showcase its strengths, particularly in green and other cutting-edge technologies, and is seeking opportunities to contribute to the global community’s advancements in these crucial areas.

The repercussions of melting sea ice, contributing to rising sea levels, pose a direct threat to lives and livelihoods in coastal communities worldwide. The immediate concerns of floods and saltwater impacting food and water supplies extend to small islands and entire coastal cities facing an existential crisis. Urgent action is imperative to safeguard vulnerable regions from the escalating impacts of climate change. In recognizing shared environmental threats, collaborative efforts become crucial in creating sustainable solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

In response to these challenges, Taiwan has emerged as a proactive force for good, particularly in collaborating with island nations vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This commitment was prominently showcased by the hosting of the inaugural Pacific Climate Change Forum, underscoring Taiwan’s dedication to regional cooperation.

Taiwan’s proactive steps to strengthen ties with island nations include a Joint Statement on Combating Climate Change signed in July with regional partners Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, and Tuvalu. Plans for a just transition fund to enhance climate adaptation collaboration are currently in progress, demonstrating Taiwan’s practical efforts to enhance climate adaptation collaboration despite multiple obstacles.

As island nations grapple with the escalating impacts of climate change, Taiwan’s proactive approach and collaborative initiatives serve as a beacon of hope. In addition to fostering international partnerships, Taiwan also aims to increase global climate resilience by playing a vital role in building a resilient supply chain in the green tech industry.

For instance, in a groundbreaking development on November 14, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and BC Premier David Eby announced the establishment of a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery cell production plant in Maple Ridge, BC, by the renowned Taiwanese company E-One Moli. With an investment exceeding $1 billion, this significant project is poised to become Canada’s largest factory for high-performance batteries, showcasing British Columbia’s dedication to innovation in the clean technology sector. This announcement not only underscores Canada’s commitment to environmental sustainability but also highlights the pivotal role Taiwan can play in advancing global sustainability through its technological expertise.

Taiwan’s persistent emphasis on research and development in green energy, smart grids, energy management system, smart meters, batteries, electric vehicles and energy storage equipment positions Taiwan as a key player in the global green supply chain and in the worldwide transition to a sustainable future. Statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs show that the average annual growth rate of Taiwan’s installed renewable energy capacity over the past five years has reached 21.9 percent far exceeding the global average of 9.1 percent.

In light of the pressing climate crisis and the restructuring of global supply chains, Taiwan emerges as a pivotal player in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. As the international community strives to address climate change, including Taiwan in COP28, scheduled from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, is not only a strategic move but also a demonstration of global unity in combating a climate crisis that knows no borders.




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