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Dynamic Dominica: Into a new Season

Message from the political leader of Dominica Labour Party (DLP)

Brothers and sisters of our beloved Dominica, I write to you as your prime minister and as the leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) seeking another term in office.

I am honoured and humbled to lead this country of God-fearing, resilient people who are still standing strong and proud, despite everything that nature and the international economy have thrown at us.

After being on a clear upward path evidenced by our growing economy, expanded social services and improved infrastructure, Dominica was devasted by hurricane Maria. However, we have “built back better” and in record time. To the surprise of many, Dominica’s economy is set to grow nine percent this year. You can see Dominica’s success in the work and the leadership of your labour party. You can see the rebuilt Dominica and the new Dynamic Dominica rising from the rock and rubble.

Hurricane Maria snatched away 226 percent of Dominica’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) overnight. No other prime minister in the Caribbean and perhaps, no leader in the world, has had to address a crisis of such immediacy and such magnitude. The international community has marveled at the tremendous level of recovery a small island like ours has been able to accomplish. The rebuilding of Dominica took extraordinary effort on the part of the government and people of our country, but working together, we did it. We have not just survived, we have succeeded.

In this election for the future and leadership of our country, I am offering you a strong, bright, capable, committed and energised team, a mixture of experience and youth. Together, this labour party team and I are offering Dominicans a fresh, modern vision for the future development of our country. You know you can rely on us in the best and worst of circumstances. You know you can trust the leadership of this government. Labour has substantially transformed and modernised Dominica over the years. You know that in the region and internationally, this labour party government is respected to do what is best for Dominica.

Twenty years ago, the DLP and I took over a country that was far behind the rest of the Caribbean. Dominica needed modern development, a stronger, more diverse economy, upgraded housing and infrastructure, improved schools and education, better health care, a new deal for our youth and increased opportunities for Dominicans. During our time in office, with your support, the government I lead has responded to the development needs of our country and citizens. We have built a more modern country on par with the standards of other Caribbean islands which are larger and have more resources than we do.

Today, Dominicans have better roads and housing, higher quality education and health care, improved social services and more jobs. Those in need have received assistance. Young people wanting to study have full, unfettered  access to college here or scholarships to study overseas. Increased pensions are available to our senior citizens. Dominica now has more roads and better infrastructure. Dominicans can be justifiably proud of the growth and progress our country has made under your labour party.

Our 2019 manifesto lays out new policies and approaches to build oureconomy and social capital, to ensure all citizens have an acceptable standard of living and to improve our national infrastructure. This manifesto presents Labour’s policy direction for Dominica’s road to greater opportunity and a more prosperous, dynamic future for every single person in this country.

Labour’s goal is to ensure good-paying, new jobs and an economic boom. It is our objective to protect homes, buildings and livelihoods by creating the most climate smart island in the Caribbean. Working together, Dominica’s citizens and government will build a level of resilience that is unprecedented globally. With your support, this government intends to construct and promote a new level of sustainable social and economic wellbeing, in a country where our natural environment is protected, and our built environment is climate resistant. [This manifesto charts the path to prosperity for all Dominicans.]

In addition to our national successes, our citizens are taking prominent leadership roles across the world, as well as in regional and global organisations. [Today], a Dominican is the secretary general of CARICOM, another heads the Pan-American Health Organisation, and a third, leads the Commonwealth Secretariat. Dominicans are standing proud and performing on the global stage. We are demonstrating to the world what Dominicans are capable of and that size is not a barrier to excellence or high achievement. Dominican excellence must be our national and international standard. It will help propel us into a bright future.

This is Dominica’s season

I thank you, the people of Dominica for giving me the honour and privilege of leading you and our beloved country. I ask you to consider where the labour party has brought Dominica from over the years, what we have had to overcome and where our country and citizens are today. Based on the performance of your labour party as a government, the strength of our team and on the blueprint for our future contained in this manifesto, I invite Dominicans everywhere, to give me your trust, your confidence, your vote and your cooperation as we boldly usher our country into “A New Season of Development.”

In this election, I respectfully ask all Dominicans everywhere, to unify as one people, to put your hands in mine as your prime minister and into the hands of the DLP as your government. Let us now place ourselves and our country into the hands of Almighty God, as together we commit to building a bright future for all in “Dynamic Dominica.”

Roosevelt Skerrit

Political Leader, Dominica Labour Party



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