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Chastanet’s UWP ‘destroyed’ our country and marginalize our people

Good day Comrades, Sisters and Brothers,

June 6, 2021, marked the 5th anniversary of the United Workers Party (UWP) “CONMEN” historical victory.

It’s the first time since adult suffrage that the commercial class, who inherited the wealth generated by our ancestors and control the economy, has been elected (2016-2021) to political power.

The results have been the aggressive transfer of the remaining assets and wealth of our people to themselves – the Friends, Family and Foreigners (FFF). We are made to endure tremendous suffering as a result, while they have borrowed $900 million (40% more than the OECS average) and climbing, that our children will have to pay.

The UWP’s have given our best lands and our Citizenship by Investment (CIP) money to their foreign friends; maintained the worse health services ever, manifested by the worse COVID-19 results in the OECS.

The UWP’s have demonstrated the greatest incompetence with the worse economic performance in the OECS since the takeover, characterized by rampant unemployment, crime and corruption linked to roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects but, nothing towards sustainable people’s development; and shameful, disgraceful management of our children’s education system.

The UWP’s have strangled our farmers, fishers, small and micro-businesses; they given very little (7-8 million) for income support and assistance to the needy or allocated towards improving health services, from the $500 millions COVID-9 funds borrowed for that purpose.

Yet the UWP’s have the audacity of coming again with their “CONMEN TRICKS”, with indignity, trying to buy our votes; so that they can completely destroy our country and marginalize our people.

We must, therefore, today onwards, recommit to doing all that is necessary to demand elections, because their time is up and it is now our time to embrace each other and work hard together as a UNIFIED PURPOSEFUL TEAM with a MISSION to be VICTORIOUS, and begin a new path of genuine development of our people.

Peter Lansiquot



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