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Building trust through policy initiatives: A new Taiwan for an era of innovation

TAIPEI, (Taiwan Today) – President Lai Ching-te announced the establishment of three committees at the Presidential Office June 19 to develop national strategies, engage in dialogue with civil society and deepen cooperation with the global community to chart Taiwan’s future.

President Lai Ching-te made the announcement at his first press conference since being sworn in, titled: “Building Trust through Policy Initiatives: A New Taiwan for an Era of Innovation.” Convened by the president himself, the new committees aim to consolidate both public and private sector efforts and provide effective solutions to address the global challenges of climate change, social resilience and health.

According to the president, the National Climate Change Response Committee will promote climate governance from a national perspective to expand transnational cooperation. He expects the body to play a key role in helping Taiwan realize a net-zero pathway, build a sustainable green lifestyle and enhance environmental resilience to foster a sustainable homeland.

“The National Whole-of-Society Resilience Committee aims to enhance societal resilience in the face of severe disasters caused by earthquakes and climate change, as well as aggression seeking to disrupt regional peace and stability, president Lai Ching-te, said. “Specific goals include expanding training and utilization of civilian forces, stepping up material preparation and critical supply distribution systems and strengthening energy and vital infrastructural security.”

To address the challenges of the post-pandemic era, president Lai Ching-te said the Healthy Taiwan Promotion Committee will advance the Healthy Taiwan Cultivation Plan and improve the employment environment to attract and retain health professionals. It will also optimize the National Health Insurance system for sustainable operation, so that people can live longer and enjoy healthier lives.

President Lai Ching-te said the three committees signify unity and a spirit of collaboration within the administration and across ministries, disciplines and sectors. By harnessing the power of all segments of society, Taiwan can address pressing issues and create its strategies as a global solution.



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