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Building a new St Lucia

Dear Sir

What is this “Building a New St Lucia” which prime minister, Allen Chastanet constantly refers to?

Like a used car salesman who uses catchphrases and buzzwords; “Building a New St Lucia” has been one of the prime ministers’ selling points. However, no one, not even the prime minister himself can explain what “Building a New St Lucia” means.

Let me say that based on what we have seen, we should all reject, repudiate, and renounce this idea of “A New St Lucia.” Based on the actions of the prime minister, it is clear that this “New St Lucia,” will result in the marginalization of ordinary Saint Lucians, while members of the Friends, Family and Foreigner (FFF) class, amass significant sums of money.

It appears that this ” New St Lucia” involves a massive transfer of wealth from the people of Saint Lucia to the FFF class. Desert Star Holdings (DSH), OJO Labs, Cabot Links – all seemingly involves a massive transfer of wealth to foreigners. So-called investors have been given large and significant handouts. At the same time programs (NICE, STEP, SMILES, and the Laptop Program) which were of benefit to ordinary Saint Lucians, have been curtailed.

Further, this new Saint Lucia involves the destruction of our patrimony. One only has to observe what Cabot Links is doing and some of the ancillary aspects of the DSH project.

It appears that in this “New St Lucia” Teo Ah Khing is boss. One time the prime minister even joked about having to get Teo’s permission to travel to Vieux Fort. Imagine the government borrowed money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to meet obligations to Teo Ah Khing and the ‘confidential agreements’.

In the “New St Lucia” corruption and nepotism is the order of the day. The tenders board has been rendered obsolete. Bloated direct awards to the FFF’s are commonplace. Corruption is unchecked. Just look at the Pajoah scandal, Wipay, CHTTI, Fresh Start, St Jude reconstruction, the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) redevelopment and other rampant acts of corruption.

Recently, the “New St Lucia” involves the curtailment of freedoms which we have been accustomed to. We are presently under an unnecessary ‘State of Emergency’. Journalists are being threatened and harassed. The government has sought to impose restrictions on every aspect of our lives through the imposition of a licensing requirement for many activities.

This “New St Lucia” will not be to the benefit of ordinary Saint Lucians. Is this “New St Lucia” for the benefit of the leeches? Meanwhile, this “New St Lucia” is being financed through massive borrowing. We need to be rescued from this “New St Lucia”.

An SLP administration will never undertake such a disastrous experiment with our lives.

Only the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) under the leadership of Phillip J. Pierre can undertake such a rescue. Only the SLP can restore hope to ordinary Saint Lucians.

Let us all renounce, repudiate and reject this “New St Lucia”. Let us throw our support behind a proven leader Phillip J. Pierre.

Carlton Augustine



  1. Fair helen has been prostituted and stepped upon by the Philistines, she is no longer in the ICU but is now resting without peace in the mogue. I can recall in the days of Sir John Compton, the yute were looking forward to National holidays with everyone having plans on what they would buy, wear and where they planned on celebrating that holiday ahead.

    Now, just the thought of an approaching holiday brings them a new wave of anxiety wishing for the day to go by speedily simply because there is absolutely nothing to do. The well loved; Bazaars, Block’O’s, Beach-bashes are a thing of the past. Now we can’t even bathe on our beaches because massa has allowed his FFF’s to blockoff our beaches, so we no longer have access to our own beaches and therefore we will have to occupy the potholes on our roadways as a last resort.


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