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#Breaking St Lucia: NRC unveils women to be honoured tonight


By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The Saint Lucia National Reparations Committee (NRC) has disclosed the list of 32 women to be honoured this evening as initial inductees into a Virtual Hall of Honour for 100 Saint Lucian Women who’ve contributed to the island’s history and educational achievements, arts & culture and preservation of its Kweyol language and African Cultural Heritage.

The 32 women include 14 to be honoured posthumously and 18 others still active or retired after their significant but largely unheralded contributions and/or achievements.

NRC chair Earl Bousquet says: “The whole idea is to identify 100 Women to be honoured by and on March 8, 2025, the 50th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.”

He adds: “We’re looking, therefore, at dividing the remaining 68 women over the next four years at 18 annually, which will take us to the stage where our next objective would probably be a ‘Wall of Honor’ or ‘Wall of Fame’ for the chosen hundred.”

The NRC chair said: “None of the awardees were approached for permission or informed – until today – because they earned and deserve these awards and this is not a competitive process, nor one with the trappings of a national investiture ceremony.

“Instead, it’s meant to name and identify the first inductees, not on the basis of anything but the need to make a start with people fitting the criteria, so who’s not named tonight always has a chance of being named over the next four years.

“So, the hope is that this evening will spark that will ensure the meaningful stars in our galaxy who have not yet been heralded will be identified and honoured in the Hall of Honor and on the Wall of Fame.”

Special Awardees

Ambassador Dr June Soomer (SLC) and June King-Frederick (SLMM) – for their respective contributions in Education, History and Diplomacy, Arts & Culture and preservation of Saint Lucia’s African Cultural Heritage

First 30 Inductees

  1. Dr Marguerite Brathwaite –  (Education)
  2. Barbara and Patsy Cadet –   (History, Music, Arts & Culture)
  3. Janet Caroo –   (Globalization of Caribbean History, Education and Culture)
  4. Senator Mauricia Thomas Francis –  (Women’s Advocacy and Representation)
  5. A.L. Dawn French –  (Education, History and Children’s Advocate)
  6. Mary Francis –  (Human Rights and Legal, Judicial and Penal reform Advocate)
  7. Aldrie Henry-Lee –   (Education)
  8. Dame Pearlette Louisy –  (History, Education, Kweyol Language, Arts & Culture, Public Service)
  9. Lady Leen –  (Music)
  10. Armelle Mathurin –  (Education, Arts & Culture, Kweyol Language and Preservation of African Cultural Heritage
  11. Kenita Placide –   (Advocate for Diversity and Equality)
  12. Catherine Sealys –  (Women’s Rights Advocate and Defender of The Underprivileged)
  13. Dr Veronica Simon –   (Education)
  14. Levern Spencer –  (Incredible Achiever and Iconic Role Model for Young Women)
  15. Margot Thomas –  (Documentation of History and Education, Preservation of Arts & Culture)
  16. Justice Lorraine Williams – (Women’s Rights Advocate, First Woman Attorney General and Caribbean Jurist)

Posthumous Inductees

  1. Joyce Auguste – Arts & Culture (Music)
  2. Grace Augustin – Legislator, Businesswoman and First Woman Lawyer in Saint Lucia
  3. Pat Charles – Education
  4. Sixtus Charles – Arts & Culture (Performing Arts)
  5. Justice Suzie d’Auvergne – Legal and Constitutional Expert
  6. Sesenne Descartes – Arts & Culture (Preservation of Kweyol and African Cultural Heritage)
  7. Petronella Deterville – Arts & Culture (Traditional Music and Preservation of Kweyol Language)
  8. Beryl Balboa Edwards – Legislator, First Woman Lawyer in Saint Lucia Called to The Bar
  9. Lone Erlinger-Ford – Women’s Rights Advocate
  10. Pat Ismond – Education
  11. Eliza ‘Liza’ Maxwell – (Arts & Culture, Preservation of Kweyol Language and African Cultural Heritage)
  12. Frances Michel – Women’s Rights Advocate, Trade Unionist and Diplomat
  13. Mary Ratcliffe – First celebrated Victim of Domestic Violence after IWD 1975
  14. Heraldine Rock – First Elected Woman Cabinet Minister After Statehood and Women’s Rights Advocate.



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